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My curiosity for the legal world has been developed through a keen interest in the topic of Immigration and asylum law. Which are fast becoming a major area of ‘ the legal system. I find both these topics intriguing, as they would allow me to pursue a career in the legal field in those areas. Growing up with my mother, who has had to immigrate from her homeland, the Philippines has given me valuable insight into the extreme difficulties that are faced while migrating and merging two contrasting cultures in their everyday lives. Within this course, I wish to learn and actively defend the human rights of the most vulnerable who transition to a new life often under traumatic and injurious circumstances. To be able to study this course would be the next key step in achieving this.

Immersing myself in the recent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Engaging in news reports and articles. I had grasped an understanding of the difficulties facing those who migrate, often with no choice. Reading around the subject of Immigration, a text by Alexandra Halls called ‘Border Watch’, further touched upon my interest in pursuing a career in Immigration Law. Immigration policies and refugee rights are currently high profile due to their international significance as a tool of control and security in Britain. The treatment of detainees in detention centers further illustrates this difficult process, as the rights of refugees are often ignored. Utilizing the essential skills created through further research and my academic studies at A level, I intend to address these vital issues by studying Law.

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Work experience with Young Professionals through attending online and in-person conferences has taught me the use of LinkedIn. Connecting with a variety of individuals from a range of backgrounds mirrored the growing diversity of the legal profession and gave me the confidence to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Most importantly these experiences had taught me the value of branching out independently and connecting with individuals. Through these events they enriched my self-awareness of the legal profession, attaining both the skill of commercial awareness and business networking. Representing and contributing actively to my school community was achieved by participating in the Six-form opening evening. This improved my communication skills and confidence further. Informing parents and students from all backgrounds of my six form History department, where I was nominated to represent this subject. Alongside a team of my peers presenting my ability to effectively work in a team. Installing a sense of pride and enthusiasm for my current studies, elements which can be transferred into studying law.

My current academic studies at A level include; Religious studies, History, and Photography. Each subject provides me with the necessary skill set and depth of knowledge to study law, at the undergraduate level. Photography has given me the ability to have a more open-minded and creative perspective on situations around us and the world. Philosophy and Ethics have enabled me to understand human behavior and the complexity of morality. In addition, History has not only strengthened my analytical skills but expressing my opinions effectively through debating and wider reading. My attentiveness to detail, completion of work to a high standard, and meeting deadlines are essential qualities embodied within an efficient lawyer, also a necessary skillset to study this course and I am confident that I am proficient in all.

To study this course would be a great opportunity and privilege to participate in an ancient profession. I wish to play an active role in society where I will be challenged to apply the law, working on behalf of those who don’t have a voice. While fully aware and prepared for the high demands of the degree and the responsibilities that await ahead of me.

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