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A current event in a newspaper article illustrates a form of racism against an African American athlete. Chuks Aneke, a player of the Milton Keynes Dons professional soccer team, was allegedly the subject of a racist social media post. The post was made after the Dons were beaten in a game by the Tranmere Rovers. A fan from the Rovers created a post that compared Aneke to a monkey based on his skin color and actions on the field. The Tranmere Rovers were not hesitant to place appropriate bans on any fan that was involved in the racist comments portrayed towards their opponent Aneke. Both teams have decided to work together with their players and supporters in society, to further remove any form of discrimination from the sport of soccer. A current event in a newspaper article illustrates a form of sexism between men and women, and the different positions of work they are being granted.

A new study on the progress of Nature Climate Change has revealed that the more women are involved in land management the more the conservation of wildlife increases and shines more attention to the societal inequalities present in this field of male dominance. If women were offered financial incentives, women could also help save the planet. If we ensured a balance between men and women in government and environmental policy positions, this could help lower sexism arguments. Men tend to dominate CEO positions and high-paying jobs because they have this image that women are not suited to fulfill high job descriptions. This example represents hostile sexism because it shows how men hold negative stereotypes about the female gender, supporting the idea that women are inferior to men. In all cultures and periods, women have been restricted to social roles with less status than those given to men. This is a form of hostile sexism because it degrades women for the sole fact that men are fearful of their ego being challenged.

The racist comments and sexist economic opportunities both constitute prejudice. Fans of sports teams can place biases on the team they are playing. The fan that created the racist post on social media about Chuks, had a preconceived opinion that was not based on reason. The fan simply posted the monkey meme to cause harm to and hinder Chuks’ confidence because his team lost. The post made the fans feel good about themselves because they could hurt the player without physically presenting harm to them. The fan held a bias and preconceived notion towards Aneke, which led to a prejudiced remark placed widely on the internet. We see prejudiced remarks being placed on the different genders so often throughout our daily lives.

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In the Nature Climate Change study, men believe women are inferior and deserve a lesser status. There are countless male prejudices about women, especially regarding women being housewives. These biases are placed to impair the confidence in women and to influence them to believe that they should feel less than a man. For racism and sexism to be institutionalized, this refers to the unjust mistreatment of an individual or group of individuals by society as a whole, through unequal selection or bias. It stems from stereotypical beliefs by a vast majority living in a society that views discrimination as a norm. These examples of sexism and racism are institutionalized forms because mistreatment is viewed as a norm in our society and has a severe detrimental effect on the affected populations of women and African Americans.

Our society places unequal biases on these populations because of the long history they have of being seen as less than men and other races. According to the Social Learning Theory, our observations dictate how we behave towards certain situations and people. There are consequences to exposing young people to this material because they have no concept of the reasoning behind it. The youth tend to follow those around them and act in ways that others are acting, as a source of information. Consequences of these exposures can lead to, being an abusive parent if abused as a child, or having more aggression if you were spanked for doing something wrong. These children tend to develop more attitudes and beliefs about aggression from models they have experienced.

They construct ways to act automatically toward a situation based on their previous observations. Kids can learn violence at a young age by being exposed to and watching violence. If children see violence on social media, they tend to create a perception in their minds that the world is a violent place because that is all they see. To minimize these consequences, society can teach children to learn empathy to develop a pure motive for helping. Parents can find the conditions or settings where most of the aggressive behavior occurs and work on reducing these actions. Parents can try to be civilized around children by not showing aggression because children imitate adults’ actions that they witness in a social setting. Individuals should try to exhibit positive behaviors to teach the youth around them to have their standards, not just those embedded in their heads from early exposure.


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