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 As we know Daisy is the only prize for both Gatsby and Tom because they never care about her opinion and on the other hand Nick is following his American dream and learning about the relationship. He fell in love with Jordan during the process and he observed Gatsby’s life, which led him to return home. In the end, everyone wants only the American dream, but the definition of everyone is different. Once something has been achieved, we end up hungry for another goal.

Almost everything we read from different characters in the story are rumors about Gatsby. Only few knew who he really was and even after his death people were still wondering who he really was. His close friends like Nick knew about the most important lie to cause his happiness. “He might have despised himself, for he had certainly taken her under false pretenses. I don’t mean that he had traded on his phantom millions, but he had deliberately given Daisy a sense of security and he let her believe that he was a person from many different strata, whom he could take care of. He did not have such facilities, he did not have a comfortable family behind him, and he was responsible for the will of an impersonal government to be blown anywhere about the world.” Of all that Gatsby did,all of his lies, one lie had the most influence on him but why a high class girl would love a failure like him. He was at the point where he would do anything for her, which led him to do all he could to make her love him. The author showed how Gatsby could despised himself but motivated himself to work harder and harder everyday. As he gave Daisy ‘ false pretense’ to show his love he also made her to believe in something he was not, a successful man. Once she believed, he was done with lying and tried to change himself.

The best part of the american dream is to love, which seemed to be the main goal of Gatsby. Daisy motivated him to have the dream that led him to chase it and reach his goal. Although he can do everything he can, he still can not reach what motivated him first, Daisy.

“Her voice is full of money, he said suddenly.

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That was it. I’d never understood before. It was full of money—that was the inexhaustible charm that rose and fell in it, the jingle of it, the cymbals’ song of it.”

In this quote, it reflects on the characters of the book especially Gatsby. It shows the ability to see the values of every character.

At one point in the book each character was a liar and they caused many illusions and It also built and broke relationships such as Mrs. Wilson’s death breaking a marriage or Gatsby losing Daisy even after Gatsby lied to win her back. In the end, the only one who become more mature from all the chaos was Nick which “acknowledges a new sense of perspective in his moral life.”

The negative or positive characteristics were all motives by only one thing and that’s the american dream. Richness , class and being wealthy were always a big component. Daisy is a perfect example of wealth and class, while Gatsby never leaves his lower class, which is still a problem to reach his american dream goal. Although he invented himself to be a high class and a wealthy man, he never leaves the lower class to gets Daisy, which makes him to fail to get the American Dream.   

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