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“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell and got back up again”-this is according to Nelson Mandela. This is a grit-an attitude that makes everybody persevere no matter what situation they are in, what matters most is their long-term goals, and realizing them is a great achievement. I’ve been through lots of ups and downs. But with these lowest points of my life, I never gave up. I knew that somewhere along the way I would become okay together with my family. Embraced grit not because I knew I needed it, but because I had to have it happen in me and my way of achieving it through what I have experienced in my life is just one of those approaches that someone has to do. Another way of holding grit and a growth mindset is through English. It has been challenging for some people to learn the language, especially those who aren’t using it as one of the languages. It has been hard for them to cope with the rest of the people who speak and use it even how hard they try to mingle and talk to them. Everything you need is just to imbibe a growth mindset. Acknowledge and accept that you are not good at the language in all aspects you can start by memorizing vocabulary every day, reading short passages, and understanding them. You would just notice that your English has improved. Indirectly you have developed grit and made it part of your daily life.

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Another way of embracing grit and a growth mindset through English is by reading, understanding, and interpreting poems and novels. Students find it difficult to do especially those who are not linguistically inclined to do this task. But by studying each basic tool to be used in doing such interpretation, there is no such thing as very hard in this task. As you go along, you will not notice that you have persevered and never stopped despite the hardships you encounter. Giving up means goals would be left unachieved. In life, same as learning the English language, failing to fulfill a dream or goal does not stop everyone from striving more in the pursuit of one’s life objectives. Failing is just there to remind us that we are doing the wrong thing and that things are waiting for us to do and succeed.

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