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The Criminal Justice system aims to protect the innocent and give suspect judgment. Criminal Justice has two goals which are the primary goals and the secondary goals, The Primary goal is to maintain peace and order example of this is we become reassured, just like when we go home at night because we know there are police patrolling around to stop the offenders, we have peace of mind. The protection of members of society we are more secure when we know there are police around and the people are assured that they are there to avoid criminality. For the Secondary goal we have Crime Prevention, we had the motto of the police ‘ Prevention is Better Than Cure’ as far as possible no crime will occur, we have these 3 elements of Crime capacity, opportunity, and the desire this should not be formed at one of a time.

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Police must always be alert to authorize and guard people so that the person does not have the opportunity to commit the crime, and desire and capability are in the person himself or the offender, as long as the crime can be prevented. The review of the legality of preventive and suppressive measures, if crime cannot be stopped the savior will come in now and it is the law enforcers, who will stop the example of the crime during Duterte’s war on drugs, here they have something called Ophlan taking where they go to a house and knock on the door and to subdue the suspects involved in drugs. There were times during the term of Duterte year when people were using illicit drugs or driving drugs, there were or most of the people resisted here that entered the suppressive measure where the killing of the resistor will now review the legality of their operation dito na ngayon pumapasok yung court, The court will review the legality if what the police did to the suspect was correct based on the evidence that will be presented to the court. Judicial Determination of guilt or innocence of those apprehended, when a person is found guilty, he will be sentenced and if he is innocent, he will be released.

The proper proposition of those who have been legally found guilty may be inside the bars or prison and outside the bars or prison. Papasok na dito ang correction by socially approved means of the behavior of those who violated the Criminal Laws, correctional treatments that are approved, those who violate the UN declaration of human rights are not allowed, they are not allowed to violate the rules example, your warden or police you don’t have the right to be beaten because you just want to. Ang’s goal in the criminal justice system is to correct those who made a mistake or committed a crime and who were convicted by the court for release from prison, returning to the community he will become a Law-Abiding citizen of our town. Ang panghuli ay ang tinatawag na Suppression of Criminal conduct by apprehending offenders for whom if the prevention of the violator does not work, then Suppression will enter, na kung saan kung hIndi makuha sa santong dasalan, kukunin ito sa santong paspasan, if we can’t prevent it, let’s suppress it.

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