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Academic responsibility is a big word that gives writing structure. Without balance and responsibilities, everything would come crashing down. Meaning that you must take your actions into consideration. All actions have consequences, whether good or bad. By following directions, you will not end up ruining your future or academic success. There are multiple things you can learn from your teachers, classmates, and community. All around you are people who are willing to help you if you just reach out and ask them. Following instructions will lead to success in whatever you wish to do.

As a teacher in training, directions are important. If one student does not follow the directions, they can end up getting hurt or things can go wrong. In music, if one student does not follow the directions, the whole ensemble may have to stop and restart (which wastes valuable time). If we were at a contest, the entire group would lose points and could possibly fail or get disqualified if one person were to not follow the directions. We learn from our first day of being teachers in training that when you want something done correctly, you must give clear, short instructions, meaning that the instructions must be said within five-ten seconds or students will stop listening. If students stop listening, then they will continue to make the same mistakes and waste time.

Instructions and directions should always be followed because I want what is best for myself and my future students. I need to follow directions to do what is needed to succeed. The saying is that “You cannot go through life willy-nilly without some sort of direction”. If you follow the directions, you will end up being happy and successful. On the other hand, if you completely disregard the directions, you will end up being miserable and unhappy as well as unsuccessful. If you follow the directions, you will be less likely to make mistakes the first time and will be able to fix your mistakes better in review. The worst that can happen is that you may be misguided, but can easily be led back on track. If you follow the directions completely, you will not end up cutting corners or rushing to get it done.

For instance, when people get in a rush, they tend to measure once and cut, instead of measuring twice and then cutting; this can lead to multiple things. These careless and easily avoidable mistakes can ruin a reputation, that may have taken a lifetime to build, of an individual in just seconds. In life, you cannot cut corners because you can hurt not only yourself but also the people around you. There is a reason why people start things sooner rather than later, it is because people want to do the best job that they can, and they know that they cannot do their best overnight.

Another reason why people cut corners is procrastination. Procrastination can make work not as efficient as it can be because people put things off until the last minute and hurry to get it done. When someone hurries through their work, they fail to double-check their work, which can lead to plagiarism, wrong answers, or incomplete work. Plagiarism is a scary word, and it should be. Plagiarism can be an accident or done on purpose, but it will still give you a horrible feeling along with ruining your accreditation. When someone plagiarizes, it can hurt not only the person who plagiarized but also the person they took the source from. The original writer put an incredible amount of work into something, and when someone just takes it and makes it their own, it is stealing something that the original writer worked hard on.

In life, you cannot, and morally should not, take the easy way out of things or push responsibilities onto others. Taking the easy way out means you did not actually learn anything or that you are taking credit for something you did not do. This includes even saying that you read a chapter when you did not. That is just morally wrong, plus people will easily know if you read this chapter if they ask you anything about it.

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What I have learned from my experiences at the University of Evansville is that there are thousands of opportunities here. The classes are small to the point where you do not feel overwhelmed with the amount of people in them. This benefits students because they can get more one-on-one time with a professor, and he can assess what each student needs to work on individually. With more one-on-one time with a professor, students can accomplish more and grow at a much faster rate. The University of Evansville is known for its small classes and their different ways of helping students flourish. But when a student is careless and does not use their resources, they will no longer flourish and will begin to struggle. When students begin to struggle, they start cutting corners and everything begins going downhill.

This university has helped me in more ways than just more one-on-one time with a professor. There is an excellent writing center that will help every student who walks through the door and requests it. The staff in the writing center will bend over backward to help a student succeed. I’ve recently learned this when I started going to them for help this semester. They have helped me make every essay that I have written sound academic, well thought out, and organized. I also learned a trick or two that helped me study for my exams, including my CASA exam.

While taking my time and working at the library, I learned from the front desk that there is a website and app that can shut down everything you need to have little to zero distractions to stay on task. This app is called Flipd. Flipd can lock everything and only allow calls from your emergency contacts in case they need to get ahold of you. The website on the computer is called Stay-Focused. This website blocks us from using other websites until the time that we put in is completed. These two apps have helped me immensely to keep me focused and on track to get all my homework done. While using these apps, I have managed to get more of my homework done in a much shorter amount of time than before. These really help with my procrastination problem because I finish my work much sooner, and it is a simple solution that only costs $1.99, compared to a lifetime of stress and hurry.

Another thing someone taught me at the library is to get an hour-by-hour planner, sit down with all my syllabi, and write down when every paper, test, and homework assignment is due in advance. This helps me to not forget or push off the assignments until the due date. When each week approaches, I will know what is due ahead of time. With the hour-by-hour planner, I can figure out the best time to study and do homework. I have sectioned off when my classes are in the planner and have even written in when to do homework when to study for tests, and when to work on my academic papers for classes.

After realizing that I can take my time on things and make them sound academic, I have felt relaxed and less stressed. This has been to the point where I do not feel as if I have a two-ton rock on my back anymore, but just a backpack full of books. I have also started to use my planner for other things such as when to practice my instrument, which helped immensely for my recital. Practicing my instrument helped me become less stressed by having my music ready ahead of time and not having to stay at school late trying to learn as much as I could in a night. This also helped me become a better musician. Before the planner, I would procrastinate and could never practice as much as I should because I was always stressed and panicked about getting everything done.

The things I have learned from the library will help me in the future with teaching because I will have to make lesson plans, have projects to do, and other major things in my career. And with everything that I have learned so far, I will be able to keep on top of things. I will also use these tools in my personal life so I can have a balance between my friends, colleagues, and family, as well as my career. In my EDUC 150 class, we’ve learned that we must balance our whole lives to stay on track, to benefit our students and our own happiness. We’ve learned that if we take our career too seriously, our social life will drastically decline, and vice versa if we take our social life more seriously than our career. There must be a balance between the two.

When I look towards my future, I do not want to think about the mistakes I have made, but only grow from them; they shaped me into the person I am today. If I ran from every mistake I ever made, I would have never been able to accomplish the things that I have today. I know now that if I were to cut corners I would first, most likely never get a job. And secondly, if I did get a job as a teacher, I would not have been able to keep the job or do well if I cut corners. I realize now that to succeed I must follow directions. If I want to be the teacher that I dream of being, I must set a good example for my students.

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