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California is an American state filled with 39.5 million residents. It’s high populations makes it the most populated and diverse state in the U.S. With its vibrant food culture, revolutionary technology, music and films, and beautiful landscape, it is no surprise that California is such a beloved state.

The golden state is a favorite because of its many amenities. In the North, there are various attractions, such as, Alcatraz, Sutter’s Fort, Historic Parks, Walt Disney’s Family Museum, many zoos, and so much more. The attraction I cherish the most is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Despite the amount of times visited, the aquarium still seems to bring amazement. The South holds numerous activities one would want to add to their bucket list. For example, Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Coast Highway, Hollywood, and beaches. My favorite vacation is in Southern California. Disneyland holds a beloved place in my heart. If I could visit with Mickey Mouse every day, I would.

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Not only will an individual never run out of activities to do in California, but if a citizen lives in Stanislaus County, they are conveniently placed within an equivalent radius to everything. If desiring to go to a beach, take a day trip. Take an excursion to the mountains for a quick expedition. Any attraction can be reached in less than a few hours. Alongside convenience, Stanislaus County also comes with safety. Natural disasters are hardly reached in the Central Valley. Tsunamis, tornadoes, avalanches, and hurricanes are unheard of for the valley. Earthquakes can hardly be felt. The only catastrophe that is common in the valley are wildfires. The wildfires can impact the air quality harshly.

Wildfires can affect human health alongside with the air condition. Nonetheless, this natural disaster isn’t the only thing poignant in the condition of the ozone. Citizens of California are doing just as much harm. Society causes air pollution every day without even giving a second thought, for example, performing an immense amount of driving exceedingly. Yet, these things are easily manageable. Before taking a short drive, consider walking or finding an alternative transportation. When having to use a vehicle, attempt to carpool as much as possible. While driving, pay attention to the tendency of acceleration. Although vehicles are not Eco friendly, there are car options that are low-polluting and can run electrically.

Electric cars are environmentally friendly in relation to vehicles, yet, electricity in general does not benefit air conditions. Excessive consumption of energy in a household is damaging. Nevertheless, there are easy solutions. Use lights to the minimum, choose a fan over air conditioning, or microwave rather than a stove. So many simple actions can create a better life for an individual and their neighbors. But damage to the air isn’t only occurring through actions at home. The workplace can be just as guilty. Those who print or photocopy, should be using both sides of the paper. Also turning off equipment that is not being used would be beneficial. Bountiful amounts of these actions can become second nature and help the environment extremely.

California’s air quality and nature’s well being is being damaged everyday by meager actions done by citizens. Nonetheless, the air contamination can be reduced and provide a better quality of life for those who live in California. Citizens need to conspire to protect the air they breathe, and the Earth they walk on.

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