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“If ever there was a case deserving Capital Punishment, it’s for this white lie.” (Brian Spellman)

The US has employed the use of the death penalty ever since the nation declared independence, while the first recorded execution in the state of Alabama was in 1812. Since the beginning of the recession in the 1920’s to 1930, the number rose dramatically, with the majority consisting of men of color who were mainly subpoenaed for crimes against whites.

THESIS: Minding the history of the United States we should discontinue the use of lethal when punishing people for their crimes because of segregation and lynch mobs

First body paragraph: The death penalty should not continue to be employed in the United States. The main reason for this is because of segregation. Even after slavery, people of color have not been treated fairly. Segregation has been the cause of many issues in America especially in the 1930s, along with prejudice and discrimination. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, segregation is an issue throughout their town.

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With the history in the United States, the Death penalty should not be in place because of the negative events in the past. In the 1930’s there were groups called lynch mobs which is the premeditated killing by a group. This lynching happened usually between black and white people and the black people were targeted by the white lynch mobs. One popular event of lynching was when a 14-year-old boy named Emmett TIll was taken from his home during the night and was beaten and brutally murdered by a white lynch mob. Emmett Till was beaten and murdered after being accused of interacting and whistling at a white woman.


The death penalty should be discontinued throughout American history when putting a killer or a person for their crimes because it repeats the terrifying moments in American history such as segregation, and lynch mobs, and the death penalty can also lead innocent people to die.

The topic is relevant to the reader’s life because it relays a message about not bringing peace to human nature society, for example, the lynch mob, discriminating blacks from crimes in the jury trial, killing innocent people, and the racism between whites and blacks. The death penalty presents an issue in the world today. America is the #1 country in the world that has the most death penalties and has it legalized more than any other country.

This topic relates to some of the texts from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, in which in one of the scenarios, the author Harper Lee describes an interesting court case of a black man, Tom Robinson accused of raping a white woman, named Mayella Ewell. He was killed in jail while trying to escape. The death penalty itself compared to the execution of Tom Robinson shows that the innocence of this character who tried to tell the truth about what happened does not fully benefit the situation of what society is going through of discrimination against black people. It portrays that the death penalty ends innocence but does not change the problem itself. According to this quote, “Capital punishment could not be justified in any society calling itself civilized.” The quote explains everything about how any ‘society calling itself civilized’ does not show the way this world is built to kill people for their crimes. 

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