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Social media is used as a photo-sharing platform that connects you with people from all over the world social media was originally invented so friends and family can stay in touch but evolved into a world of photo-sharing with strangers and influencers. The first recognizable social media 6 Degrees was created in 1997 social media is undeniably popular with over 3.2 billion users that’s 8 in 10 people. 95% of these people are teenagers a true 12 to 17 everyone knows so she has a big impact on people’s lives but there a both good and bad effects to this impact.

Come on known common effects that mental health such as anxiety and depression there are other effects for instance addictions, social skills, behavioral issues, and insomnia. However there are less known effects that could be fatal, for example, Takosubo cardiomyopathy also known as broken heart syndrome. Although Takosubo Cardiomyopathy has no common cause it is associated with stress shock anxiety and depression for example when a person is very stressed or depressed it begins to put pressure on the heart and the heart eventually becomes stressed and stressed that will cause disruption in the way the heartbeat and can cause clotting along with numerous other problems such as Plamonart Edema which is a buildup of fluid in the lungs and hypertension more commonly known as low blood pressure. The disruption in the hat can go undetected and commonly cause more serious issues like heart failure stroke and heart attacks with these conditions you will need procedures such as an angiogram which can escalate into bypasses and cardio stents.

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Over 450 million people suffer from some sort of mental health illness 1 in 5 teens are affected. As social media has become more popular mental health issues have dramatically increased depression along with anxiety and more common depression affects on average 2 in 5 people every year and that number continues to rise depression is a feeling of disconnection, seclusion from the world, a feeling of never-ending sadness, of course, everyone feels sad from time to time but the feeling eventually goes but someone with depression has a sad feeling all the time with little or no upside to the sadness people with depression after say it feels like a never-ending circle of sadness and that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately, some people lose sight of the direction their lives cooks take them, they give up and commit suicide. Anxiety on the other hand affects on average three or five people and that number also continues to rise anxiety often turns into depression anxiety is where people feel very anxious about something for example an aspect of themselves that be the white flannel how tall they are they will do anything to fix this and most the time they begin to lock themselves inside and away from people this slowly spiraling into depression around 4 million people suffer with anxiety a year social media is linked to anxiety due to body image people wanting to look like these influences and receive the likes they have.

Social media also causes addiction which can lead to behavioral issues insomnia and lack of social skills which can lead straight back to depression social media is thought to be more addictive than drugs smoking and drinking. More and more people are becoming addicted to social media which will affect their social skills research is showing that as the generations move on their communication skills are becoming poorer. Social media also makes profound changes in the brain people are becoming more infatuated with receiving likes and follows on social media and when they receive the desired amount of likes and followers they release dopamine in the brain, dopamine is the chemical in the brain that creates a feeling of happiness when they receive what they desire this creates a feeling of pleasure a similar feeling experience when someone wins the lottery. Furthermore, addiction causes behavioral issues as teenagers especially can be influenced by everything around them social media is making a big impact on their lives and often influences every decision they make from what they wear buy, and eat.

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