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Replicating the main characters’ personalities from a book to a movie may be difficult. The director of the movie “The Outsiders” has done an outstanding job of recreating the personalities of the characters. Francis Ford Coppola has acknowledged the traits of all the Curtis brothers. These are Darry, Ponyboy, and Sodapop.

Francis Ford Coppola did a superior job in matching Darry’s attributes. Darry’s personality was shown very well before and after the rumble as it had shown his strength, and loyalty for being a greaser, but also care for being a brother. His strength was displayed when he went head to head with Paul Holden, and his loyalty was shown when he protected Ponyboy by lifting the Soc off his back and throwing him three feet away from Ponyboy. On the other hand, Darry’s care for Ponyboy started when he lost Ponyboy for an entire week. After that, Darry had chosen to show care for his brothers, especially Ponyboy.

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On the topic of Ponyboy, the director had done an exceptional job in duplicating Ponyboy’s character traits. Ponyboy’s attributes are shown throughout the movie as he shows selflessness, bravery, and empathy. He was selfless as he had shown care for other people and for people who were strangers to him. This was portrayed amazingly during the church fire as he knew that it might have started by his actions, but instead of running away, he ran towards the trouble of saving those trapped children. Those actions include tons of bravery and selflessness. Alongside that, he had shown empathy in his communication with a Soc named Cherry. Ponyboy knew that being a greaser, he shouldn’t be spending evenings listening to her problems. But, he did understand that her problems were real and painful as his problems were. Showing empathy when no one else would.

Francis Ford Coppola, the manager of the movie “The Outsiders” had done a spectacular job in cloning Sodapop’s wild personality and him as a peacemaker. During the movie, Sodapop was mainly known to lighten up the situation, as he lit up the interview by goofing around the hospital and placing a smile on everyone’s faces. Sodapop as the peacemaker is an important trait and role that bonds the brothers together, because every time Darry and Ponyboy are rivals, Sodapop is always stuck in the middle trying to make peace between them.

The movie “The Outsiders” directed by Francis Ford Coppola has done an outstanding job when it comes it the personality of the Curtis brothers. As Darry had shown his strength, loyalty, and care for being both a greaser and a brother. Ponyboy had demonstrated his selflessness, bravery, and empathy, more times than once. Alongside Ponyboy, Sodapop had displayed his wild personality and him as a peacemaker. From strength to selflessness to peacemaking, the Curtis brothers have shown that their personalities have bonded them together as a family.

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