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At first, Bob and Ponyboy seem opposed, with huge gender, socio-economic status, and temperament variations. However, as the story progresses, Hinton underlines the surprising similarities between such antagonists: the reserves of color and passion that they often lack, their differences between their peers and vices, and their deception in the family. More than double the other Soc/grazer pairs, like Bob and Ponyboy. Looking at the similar differences between Bob and Ponyboy, Hinton demonstrates the sense of fragilization and confusion that separates all the well-off from the poor young people.

Bob begins the novel with the emblem ‘Soc’— all rich stuff, all smuggling, titled, and unlike Ponyboy and his friends. The mysterious blue Mustang, seen throughout the book, highlights Bob and Papyboy’s economic difference; it is like Ponyboy can’t see the beautiful car behind the wheel for the afraid boy. Cherry says that Bob and the Socs have a sense of cold and reserve. This is clearly in contrast to Ponyboy’s fieriness, who often treats his brothers and friends with affection and admiration. The pomp, luxury, and opulence of a social club is Bob’s description as a ‘SOC.’ The identification of Ponyboy as a ‘greaser’ is a reminder of his uncut dirty hair. Ponyboy and Bob couldn’t be any further apart. With their behavior and appearance.

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Bob and Ponyboy, on the other hand, share a sense of longing and unhappiness that is increasingly striking in the course of the story. Although Bob is to be a reinforcement pillar, he attacks Ponyboy when he is concerned about the abandonment of his girlfriend. Ponyboy is meant to be inflamed with pure emotional feelings, but often he fights against the tears in the church and the hospital, exhibiting the same doubts Cherry mentions in Bob. Bob and Ponyboy stand out both because, according to Cherry, he is a natural leader and because he displays intellectual ability and a literary gift. The two of them are stupid vices (drink and smoke, respectively) It turns out that they are more aggressive than they seem at first. Surprisingly, Bob is just as unhappy with his family, Ponyboy’s mom and dad have died and is now orphaned. While Bob can have as much money as he wants, he thinks his parents are coddling and wants to show love for him sometimes by denying one of his childish demands. Bob and Ponyboy share similar anger, anxiety, and tragic hope, given their surface differences.

Unlike Bob and Ponyboy, many other supposed villains in The Outsiders prove touchingly similar. It seems that Cherry appears to be considerably more refined than Sylvia, Edie, and the other greaser girls, but like those girls, Cherry admires the manly ferocity of Dally. Randy is responsible in part for seriously injuring Johnny, but like Johnny he has a line of insecurity and naive idealism that causes him to prepare to oppose the environmental battle between the Socs and grasshoppers. Darry doesn’t have any of Randy’s economic or social advantages, however, as Ponyboi points out, Darry has a work ethic and an ambition that could easily make him a Soc amongst other circumstances. Natural enemies, sockets, and grazers are both classes of disturbed, angry children, who want to see the world of adults guided and understood.

Hinton prepares us for the larger theme of common humanity that runs throughout her novel with the surprising similarities between Bob and Ponyboy. We start by thinking that Bob and Ponyboy are opposed because Bob’s ‘Soc’ affiliation gives them an insider status and Ponyboy is one of Hinton’s ‘outsiders.’ Bob and Ponyboy share vulnerabilities, incertitudes, and aspirations, despite their affiliation with different groups. Like the two antagonists, a few minor characters have superficial differences that obscure their common sense of passion and vulnerability. Hinton emphasizes the idea with her attention to the secret problems of the Socs —voiced by Cherry—that “things are rough all over.

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