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My passion for physiotherapy grew when I experienced Osgood Schlatter and shin splints. Also, understanding the positive outcome that this treatment can deliver. However, I was restricted in taking part in athletics and other sports I enjoyed because I was not able to undergo physiotherapy, so I had recurrent injuries causing my progress to decrease in athletics. This experience has inspired me to pursue a career in physiotherapy for the satisfaction of working with people who are struggling with poor quality of life and the close link to the role it has in sport.

Working at Stones End Day Care Centre, I was able to work alongside a physiotherapist instructing joint mobilization exercise sessions. The purpose of the activity is to increase the strength and mobility of the joints for older adults. This means giving them more of the chance to live independently for longer and freedom to take part in their daily tasks they enjoyed without the fear of the fragility of having an accident. I was able to see first-hand how the therapist carries out their role such as motivating the clients. The exercises the physiotherapist instructed were mostly anterior, lateral and rotational movements to increase the range of the movement at the ball and socket joints. This experience has allowed me to build several skills such as collaboration, teamwork, and communication. For example, I used collaboration when working with the physiotherapist to deliver the sessions for the clients. During my time at the center, I talked with older adults that had a variety of different conditions that required more of my attention and persistence to receive a response, such as individuals with dementia or hearing impairments. Communicating with the individuals with dementia I had to speak clearly and naturally in a calm voice and refer to people by their names when conversating with them. For example, “Hi, Steven. It’s me, Jade”. The two most used prescribed medicines to treat dementia are cholinesterase inhibitor and memantine to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It helps to prevent the messenger chemical in the brain from breaking down, as it is important for the learning, memory, and mood of the individual.

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During my studies I’ve gained an understanding of the structures and functions of the key body systems, the few are skeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular and the energy systems our cells use to function. When learning about the cardiovascular system, I have noted the type of people that are most likely to have coronary artery diseases such as, those with obesity, diabetes, lack of physical activity, high blood cholesterol and pressure. Exercise referral schemes can be used to help and prevent patients suffering from this condition which are prescribed by physiotherapists considering the person’s lifestyle and ability otherwise it can fail to work. The outcome of a successful exercise scheme enables the patient to perform activities with less effort, fewer symptoms like shortness in breath, more confidence and an enhanced quality of life. In Psychology for Physiotherapists by E.N. Dunkin’s book, it illustrates, ‘Physiotherapists spend a great deal of time trying specifically to influence other people’s behavior, with the underlying intention of improving the quality of life of their patients.’ From this, I understood a physiotherapist plays a role in changing an individual’s drive (motivation) towards their satisfaction of completing a goal or need such as reducing depression, anxiety or bad eating habits and so on.

I’m an active member of the community where I volunteered in coaching assistance for after school sports clubs and regional competitions for UEL basketball competitions. These experiences have molded me into a determined and disciplined individual. My coaching experience allowed me to develop collaboration and leadership skills. For example, I had to prepare and demonstrate targeted sessions for young people. It was also my responsibility to consider the potential of hazards and risks that I could minimize for health and safety purposes. Also, I have officiated in regional competitions such as long jump and track events for my school regional competitions. Here I developed my leadership skills further in this experience because I must be attentive and inclusive of the students participating in the event because of the diversity of the group.

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