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I have been intrigued by artificial intelligence since I was in Manchester, UK. I met someone that just started his first post-graduation start-up project in Computer Science at the University of Manchester. My curiosity for Al grew from that moment on. I was always strongly interested in how all parts of a computer work with each other and how connections make ideas. I am very grateful to my father for one of my first opportunities in the field, as I had a chance to help with computer networks in his company EKOLS PRAHA, s r.o. I had great times and met amazing people who introduced me to computer networks. Initially, I realized how interdisciplinary and enormously fast-growing the field is. Its impact on Medicine is a great example.

I remember when my mom got her first cataract operation done, it was not perfect, but when she got her second eye a few years later done by machine, she was more than satisfied. I attended several workshops and presentations about Computer Science and specifically Al in Manchester during my English studies there. This opportunity helped me to prioritize what I want to do with my career plans. Now I want to study Artificial Intelligence since I’m truly passionate about the workings of computer systems. I also find myself captivated by Al because of how innovative the field is. One of my other interests lies in understanding how people think and react and trying to understand how we could connect this with computers.

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To improve my knowledge and get a better understanding, I took anthropology, psychology, and sociology classes last year. I know that the invention of Artificial General Intelligence will be the greatest revolution in history, and I want to be a part of it. To improve my English, I moved to Canada, where I could practice my skills. I adapt easily to new environments, I enjoy meeting new people, traveling, and living in different places. In addition, I train myself in photography and fitness skills and also volunteer in a local Senior Home as a part of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. This gives me a good understanding of compassion and leadership. I am a Grade 12 representative on the Student Council in my school. My responsibility is to be the voice of my grade when we meet every week. I have learned to work towards a goal, use my time efficiently, meet new challenges, and cooperate on a team. I helped to create “Ambassadors”, a group of both international and local students that organize events and activities for other newcomer students in our school. Those opportunities gave me a better understanding of teamwork, which I strongly believe is important for every field and especially for Al.

Teamwork can generate more ideas and can better understand sophisticated problems. I have participated in many workshops about machine learning, the most recent one was at the University of Ottawa, where we worked with 3D printers and programmed a few things with Raspberry Pi. I also participated in a technology trip, organized by the Brockville Rotary Club this year, which gave me a better view of what is it like to be a programmer and how startup companies work. In school, I like the diversity of classes, but math has been always my favorite class. I have liked math since I was a child. The most exciting part of math for me is problem-solving and using logic to find the answers. I think that understanding math is important for everything, but especially for Al. I believe math is the key for computer science in general, but also for a future world in terms of communication and machine understanding. Last summer, I took a delivery position for the “Kytky od Pepy” network. It was a perfect opportunity to test myself and my skills.

My job was to receive orders, make and print all the bills, and create and execute a plan of delivery. With this work experience, I realized how computers and smart systems help us to be more efficient. Thanks to this technology, my team was able to deliver about a hundred deliveries quickly and safely across the whole town every shift. I want to positively improve people’s lives around me and I am sure this is the main idea of computer science and Al as well. Al can help us with several problems and let people concentrate on more creative and useful work in our society. I would like to learn more about Al and keep learning new things, because I believe learning is not just about the period when we are in school, but it is an everyday part of life. I believe that my devotion to and passion for artificial intelligence will help me to affect our interaction with the world and make life easier. I have so much more to learn to achieve it and I believe that studying in the United Kingdom will give me more opportunities as it offers many extra-curricular activities which are perfect for discovering new interests. I believe that with my passion and ability to learn new things, I would be a good candidate for this course.

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