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Greetings Gen. I find the post educative and exciting to read. As reviewed from the New Testament, Jesus Christ coached his followers on how to forgive and maintain clean hearts against one another. Further, forgiveness forms the basis of maintenance, preservation, and establishment of human associations that play a crucial role in keeping organizations (Daiya & Rangnekar, 2019). Therefore, in the matter of Sam and John, forgiveness was not only a sign of apology but also an indication that both agreed to reconcile following their previous conflict. Furthermore, Thomas and Andrew, 2019 forgiveness initiates association flexibility in the friendship after reconciliation. It is also educative to discover the forgiveness awards to the cleansing of sins.

Leaders can improve the implication of forgiveness in their organizations by serving as role models in the campaign for forgiveness. I agree with you that battles arise both amongst the workers and between the workers and their employees. In such incidents, leaders should establish a forgiveness environment that plays a crucial role in maintaining the organization (Radulovic, Thomas, Epitropaki, & Legood, 2019). Forgiveness is, therefore, a necessary element in the management of every organization.

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Forgiveness has a wide range of biblical connections. I agree with the sediment that the bible teaches us to forgive one another so that we can be forgiven. The concept of forgiveness is also portrayed in the guide, where God promises to forgive us for our sins. I also agree with the post that forgiveness results in a stronger relationship.

Following the increased development of organizations through the establishment of organizational culture, forgiveness plays a vital role in the building of culture within an organization (Thompson et al., 2019. Accordingly, most organizations are using forgiveness as a strategy for resolving conflicts.


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