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Empathy is the capacity to know the emotions of alternative persons who will assume or feel with someone else. Empathy includes listening to others, understanding them and communicating them.

Emotional intelligence is yours ability to absorb the feelings. With this we have the power to know what they are saying to you, and to feel how your emotions have an effect on individuals around you. It contains your impressions of others: when you know how they feel, it allows you to manage relationships a lot of effectively.

Emotional intelligence involves a sensitive awareness of empathy, which is less natural and more thoughtful, but after some exercises and an introduction, it can experience empathy if it is not present already. Empathy is a tendency, whereas emotional intelligence is developed through practice and immersion, reflection and understanding, analysis, competence and observation. The person, who sympathizes but lacks emotional intelligence, has the ability to imagine ability, but it may not necessarily be the result of achieving a positive result.

The biggest dissimilarities in emotional intelligence and empathy are that emotional intelligence is actually adopting a human being and inspires them to achieve a goal. Empathy is actually trying to get into a human condition and related emotions. It is secretly understanding other emotional situation and occasionally working in the way of the human being or giving helpful advice. The human deal can help with your situation.

The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) describes the person’s abilities, capability to understand, access and manage the feelings of others and groups. It is to impress yourself, the ability to recognize your own feelings and others, and to manage good feelings in yourself and relationships.

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“Your EQ is the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them. —-Howard Gardner” (Michael Akers , Grover Porter )

Emotional intelligence is that the ability to control stresses, to communicating effectively, to sympathize with others, to overcome challenges and to maintain your feelings in positive actions that to resolve the conflict.

For Example: If you are a teacher and a student was not working hard in studying, it would not be emotionally sensible to accept it directly whether he is lazy to study or not, but instead you should check to find out. That is, there are other reasons, behind this, you may find that he is afraid of making mistakes or you may not believe in his ability. So, we do not get angry to do something that we later regret. Rational thinking will make us more emotionally intelligent before exercising.

Empathy requires a combination of verbal and non-original clues. It really is to see what the interviewer is asking and what the key to understanding, hearing is and to use simple means to make it clear. The purpose of the consultation and interview is to explain the client’s difficulties and issues. They encourage the progress of the client. When they are gives him emotional support and the feel relaxed for the interview. Most of the interview process involves a certain level of skill tests and those skill tests can be based on their professional and emotional capability by validating the point of the interviewee and share positive thoughts with him.

It’s potential to become a lot of attentive to your emotions and to acknowledge and determine the emotions you’re having in order that you perceive what triggered them and learn to manage them more effectively. When discussing emotions, it is important for most persons to realize the range of feelings and decisions that are necessary. Although some feelings are naturally negative, as an anger and persecution, the other can be seen as being negative or positive.

So we can conclude that all these can portray the role of emotions in the workplace. They are part of the working surroundings and are definitely affected. Any positive either negative; it helps to achieve the keys of favorable outcomes and helps to avoid unnecessary results at workplace. So we can also say that an emotionally intelligent person is a consistent and dedicated worker; open to the newest things, even in the most uncertain future and sudden changes. Such person knows the stress as a new opportunity rather than risks for personal safety. Emotional intelligent persons can put the strike in the worst possible state, never surrender and feel nervous, but respond carefully.

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