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Divorce is a serious issue that most married couples are facing today or in other words, it is the outcome that we are seeing couples that are married go through due to several reasons.

Therefore, This paper will elaborate more on what divorce means which is the issue when two couples split, and some of the reasons why this issue occurs, we will also be looking at the influence or impacts that this issue has on children, how the children that are experiencing and witnessing this problem cope with it and lastly is getting to learn about some of the solutions or strategies that can help minimize the effect of this issue.

According to the book Divorce, “ Many married couples who do not divorce have nonetheless thought about it. Among those who are married, a 2008 Robber Poll found that 33% have at some points considered divorce.”(Wilson, 14). This explains that it is an issue that occurs when couples split due to different circumstances. It has its advantages and disadvantages for the life of the children. Containing how they could attempt suicide, bothering them for the rest of their life and could affect their way of living. On the other hand, it could build up the children to be a better individual regardless of their upbringing as well as teach what is right from wrong lastly, some strategies can help overcome this issue.

In Mathew 19:4-6, “Jesus states that a man and a woman joined in marriage are one flesh and therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”(Wilson,15). Divorce to me is a general term to describe a complex process of the parting of a union. Divorce has several factors behind it and to many, it can have alternate definitions. I think divorce is rather simple to understand if you take the literal definition of separation. To each, their own, when defining definition because for some it is a gateway to peace, and for others, it is a wall to the bridge to true happiness.

It is hard to pinpoint a specific reason as to why divorce takes place but there are several reasons for this to take place. “According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, national surveys indicate that 15 percent of married women and 25 Percent of married men have had extramarital affairs. The incidence is about 2() percent higher when emotional and sexual relationships without intercourse are included. As more women began working outside the home, their chances of having an affair have increased access single.”(Brody, 2018) I think divorce happens because of many reasons including infidelity. This proves that some couples split because of these unfaithful actions, and I feel that the reason why this happened might be one of the couples tends to be unfaithful to their spouse, which can lead to this negative influence

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According to Mathew Warren, “Sex is an important part of rna st romantic relationships — and ’hen cou}ales are not on the same page at out their sex life, it can become a source of frustration. Research has found that couples have sex about 1 or 2 times a week, but about hall of sexual advances between Partners goes until filled. “(The Dissatisfaction of Being Sexually Rejected By A Partner Lasts Longer Than The Pleasure Of Having An Advance Accepted, 2019) The dissatisfaction from partners is another reason why divorce occurs after marriage and it is shameful when we think of it. I feel that it is ashamed when we think of it, two individuals get married because they love each other and they will make sure they are on the same page in terms of understanding and do what they both agreed on to and it is ashamed when we look at it and we see these type of actions happened and in the end, divorce will be the only way to deal with it. The inability to come to terms with reality is another thing that we all need to understand in terms of being patient and being able to let go of what the cause of a problem would be. It is also a way that showcases the idea that what the other spouse is tending to do to the other will come back to that person no matter what the consequences would be. ( Twain, 2017).

In an interview with one of the students who have experienced this issue, “You would expect a spousal separation to largely impact the children involved, but my experience was unique, in that although I was affected, it wasn’t necessarily in a negative manner. My parents’ separation was fairly amicable, and even after the split, they still managed to remain good friends and colleagues. I think the hardest part for me was the change in routine, but even then, it wasn’t too difficult a transition due to how supportive both my parents were during the changes. The most important part for them during the transition, was their kids. And so even though there were disagreements, the choices they made were always in the best interest of me and my siblings”( Laupo1a,2019). In addition undoubtedly and inevitably, divorce will have an impact on all parties involved. Children are not exempt from this. Children will be affected because they are going to need to adjust to the changes in their normal routines. They may get feelings of relief or maybe feelings of depression. Depending on the situation before the divorce, the impact is bound to vary. Therefore, kids might also feel a sense of guilt for their parent’s divorce or they may feel a sense of incompleteness because their parents are not together anymore. Unfortunately, there are immeasurable impacts of divorce on children but it could be bad, good, or a combination of both on the children’s well-being.

In an article about divorce counseling, “Well, a divorce counselor can guide you through this painful and uncertain time, while providing you with the tools you need to move on positively and healthily. In addition, he/she can teach you how to resume a fulfilling post-divorce life and minimize the impact on your children. He/she can also help you better understand why your relationship failed, so you don’t repeat your mistakes”(Langham, 2019). In my explanation, divorce is sometimes necessary. If it happens, it was obviously for a reason. People don’t generally get a divorce for fun or because they can. There are usually events leading up to a divorce those overall influence the decision. To lessen the problems affiliated with divorce, one can simply seek guidance. Guidance can be in the form of family, friends, or professionals. To overcome divorce, one could talk to individuals who have also been through the process.

Therapy is a common form of treatment in society today and it seems to help individuals cope with their own found problems. Divorce is also an issue that does not have to be painful. It is understood to be a problem that deals with many emotions and because of that, it might seem very hard to cope with.

In conclusion, I believe that divorce is a serious issue that many people are facing today and I strongly feel that it is not an easy pathway as aforementioned however; humans are emotional but can get through grieving in several methods such as believing in a higher power, recreation, and self-love. We just have to cope with it in terms of making the right choice as well as making the right move when problems like this occur.

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