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There are 4 main characters at the beginning of the book. Their names are Tom Wingfield, Amanda Wingfield, Jim O’Connor, and Laura Wingfield. They are all blood-related and play a big part in the Glass Menagerie. Tom is the only person in the family that gets money. Tom gets frustrated from working a job he hates to support the family. He likes adventure and likes to escape his life by drinking, smoking, writing poetry, and going to the movies. He wants to leave home and live by himself. His mom always is overprotective and doesn’t want to let go of him. He knows that if he stays he will not be able to live life. But he doesn’t want to leave his sister. Later he gets to leave by joining the Marines.

Amanda Wingfield is the mom of Tom Wingfield. In the book, she goes through a lot of struggles. She is known to try and make sure that they have money all the time and can be annoying sometimes or unreal but always has hope. The author of the play says that she is heroic. She can sometimes be selfish and she thinks it is good for her kids. In the story, it says that she was well known before and was called the ‘Southern belle,’ and did not care what people thought about her. She is sort of old school because she does stuff that was done back in her days and looked funny. She tries to teach her kids who are now adults stuff and can’t do a good job.

Laura Wingfield is 23 years old and is a beautiful person. Laura got sick when she was little and it left her with a slight limp, a leg brace, no confidence, and little sense of social interaction. Her mom and brother were overprotective and it made her miss out on a lot of Laura’s life. She amuses herself by making her world of glass animals and lots of other stuff to entertain her. When she was a little girl her dad abandoned her too.

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Tom said that Jim O’Connor is the only person who is more than likely to succeed in life. Tom is just a clerk in the shoe warehouse. On the other hand, Jim has an opportunity to work in the field of television and is taking many classes to prepare for being broadcast on TV. which seems clear to him. Jim can talk and start conversations he can be very expressive and was popular in high school. During that time aura had a big crush on him and was drawn to his melodious singing voice, his genuine good nature, and his nickname for her: Blue Roses.

The Glass Menagerie is a play. All the events are drawn from the memories of the play’s narrator. Tom Wingfield is also a character in the play. Most of the play is located in a lower-class tenement building in St. Louis. The apartment is entered by a fire escape. Tom is by the fire escape entrance a lot. The play takes place in St. Louis in the nineteen-thirties. Tom works in a warehouse to support his mother Amanda and his sister, Laura. A gentleman caller is supposed to show up to the little apartment but no one shows up.

Tom and Laura’s father abandoned the family many years ago. The only thing that the dad left behind was except for a single postcard reading “Hello––Goodbye!” and then he has not been heard from since. Lauren does get to dance with someone and get a kiss but that is about it because nothing else happens Tom enters the apartment. And the action of the play begins. Throughout the play, thematic music underscores many of the key moments. The Wingfields are seated at dinner.

Amanda is always telling Tom about his habits, especially smoking. Their mom always tries to entertain her family by talking about how she was popular and got a lot of gentlemen callers. There are a lot of stories and other stuff in the play. Amanda repeats herself several times. And later on, Lauren is convinced about her fate. And knows that she will not be receiving any fancy good-looking gentlemen callers.    

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