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Costco takes the initiative to reduce net profit from sales to almost zero. Costco tries its best to maximize the net benefit for its members. Although Costco makes membership fees its main profit point, Costco allows members to share the same membership card with their friends and allows them to check out separately, which not only increases the membership renewal rate but also allows customers and friends to enjoy shopping time. It can keep customers and attract new customers.

Improving service is the basic quality of a company because only satisfying could maintain customers and attract more potential customers. Thus, a company should insist on these key features to enhance its services. First, we should improve the quality of service personnel. Special periodic training by stages and monitoring mechanisms can be set up so that service personnel can show professional and polite qualities in treating customers. Second, enhancing the Service Environment is also essential. The company could donate some funds for the construction and maintenance of the service environment. For example, in Costco supermarket, it could set up some free water points, rest areas; restaurants, strengthen the dining environment and toilet environment; clothing stores, get some sofas, mirrors, and so on. On the other hand, Costco could stand by the side of customers to improve quality. Firstly, setting up a Customer Feedback Channel to let the customer feedback on service situation, but also can monitor the work of service personnel. For the bad aspects of service or situations, staffs could timely improve it. Secondly, we could also do the regular questionnaires. We can conduct a customer-oriented public opinion survey every once in a while, and set up prize-winning questions and answers to increase the enthusiasm of everyone to participate in the questionnaire. We can also let you see the attitude of the enterprise. Third, Regular activities for the benefit of the customers is an approach to keep customers as well. For example, on the anniversary of the enterprise or other festivals, the company carries out some activities to benefit the customers, for more loyal customers, you can also give feedback activities.

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Costco improving its online experience, Costco improving its offerings and enhancing its member experience. Costco improving the experience and functionality of their site and Costco has shortened the checkout process from many clicks to two. Attract more young customers and save shopping time for customers. Improving the online experience has enabled Costco to streamline and automate their return processes and improve their delivery logistics, allowing customers to deliver closer, faster, and more cheaply.

Design of Goods and Services. Costco offers a range of products including retail services, optical services, photo center services, and insurance services, among others. Costco aims to achieve the highest possible quality even with low costs. This is especially true with the company’s Kirkland Signature brand. Costco allows customers to maximize their memberships, and Costco has greatly improved customer satisfaction. Costco builds customer satisfaction so that consumers can’t resist an agency like Costco. 

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