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In today’s world of information and technology internet is becoming the most important thing for anyone as it is going to be “the “medium of the future. Online shopping is when consumers can visit web stores anytime anywhere according to one’s comfort. It all started in 1999-2000 with an online book store founded by Jeff Bezos. People can purchase almost anything online, starting with groceries, clothes cell phones, and ringtones for cell phones, everything can be purchased online. There are many factors due to which the percentage of online shopping is increasing some of them are :

Convenience: when shopping online one has a benefit of round the clock, i.e. comfort of shopping even at midnight. One can also cut on travel expenses as by shopping online one need not travel to the store which makes it more convenient for the customer. The most frequented category of online purchase in India is “travel”. Maximum online transactions are made at IRCTC(an app to book railway tickets)in India. Online sites like, etc. are a great success as people now don’t have to visit the travel agent or window to window to make their travel reservations.

Decision of price and price comparison: In a country like India people tend to compare prices before purchasing something. In conventional shopping deciding and comparing prices upholds to be a difficult task as different shops provide different prices for the same product. Whereas in online shopping you can compare prices just by clicking a button Online shopping is considered much cheaper compared to conventional shopping because the products reach the buyer directly from the manufacturer without involving any middlemen.

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Variety: One gets a wide variety of brands for a product in one place. If a person’s shopping online is not restricted geographically, one can shop from retailers all over the world.

Sending gifts: Sending a gift to friends, family or relatives is not a problem in online shopping, no matter where ever they stay.

India has the world’s third-largest Internet user base with over 137 million as of June 2012. Though the shopping tradition of the world is changing rapidly in India online shopping is still not that popular. According to the report titled “From Buzz to Bucks: Capitalizing on India’s “Digitally Influenced” Consumers,”, 40 percent of India’s 90 million urban Internet users say that online activities such as product research and price comparison influence what they buy. In more advanced e-commerce markets, digitally influenced consumers in India rely on company websites for detailed product information as frequently as they refer to third-party sites for comparative research and online purchases. Current trends in online shopping in India show that the majority of buyers choose to shop at websites that allow them to purchase a wide variety of items from a range of different stores rather than one, select retailer. When purchasing electronics and other goods, many Indian shoppers rely on opinions and online reviews from other users from around the world. While online shopping is a good place for bargain hunting and to get products at a very competitive price, it somehow has not worked its charm in India. One of the major issues facing the Internet segment in India is the lower average bandwidth of broadband connections compared to that of developed countries. Almost all online portals are in English and in countries like India where the mother tongue is not English the language acts as a barrier.

Online shopping has come up as a boon for all types of consumers and it has something to for everyone. Even though it is highly suitable and time-saving to a certain extent it is also cost cost-cutting exercise. The main area of concern is the limited internet usage and language problem. A lot of stress needs to be given to these two parameters so that this IT revolution can be of use to everyone in India and then only it can be a success in the true sense of terms. Otherwise, it will just end up being a style statement of a few who want to be away from the crowd and then it will lose its applicability in the real world. 

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