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Andy Fickman’s film, She’s the Man (2006) is a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night (1602). Shakespeare wrote Twelfth Night around the 17th century, Whereas Andy Fickman’s film She’s the Man is based around the 21st century in a school-based theme. While Andy Fickman’s film shares a lot of similarities with Shakespeare’s play, it also has some differences. The film She’s the Man explores the expectations of gender roles as well as how people see different genders and how they fit into society. Both the FilmPlay have similar characters, roles, plots, and themes, but share a difference in Setting, Text type, and Values.

She the man has a different Representation of love because in the film Instead of a wedding at the end it shows Viola and Duke going to the debutante ball where we see Viola and Duke’s love show. As well as Viola not following tradition and wearing green instead of white. In She’s the Man The Purpose behind Viola’s disguise is to play soccer and she goes as disguised giving the allusion that she is her brother Sebastian. The disappearance of Sebastian in She’s the Man is due to a concert performance to pursue his music, as he loves to play in bands and concerts. He writes songs and lyrics and when Olivia reads a bit of his lyrics, she loves it. She’s the man who is set in modern-day America in a high school called Illyria. Whereas in Twelfth Night Viola disguises herself to fit into the upper-class High society as Cesario in Illyria country.

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Both the film and the play are consistent with things like Setting names like Illyria School or Illyria Country. Both have consistent use of character names and explore the theme of gender Expectations or roles in society. She’s the Man and Twelfth Night, both end with a formation of relationships. In She’s the Man it ends with a ball where Duke and Viola go together, whereas in Twelfth Night it ends with everyone getting married.

In She’s the Man Viola uses the allusion of her brother’s name and looks to play soccer while also covering for him while he’s in London. That also means in She’s the Man Viola isn’t grieving her brother as she very much knows he’s alive and well. Olivia Isn’t grieving her father in the film but instead a previous relationship.

The play is set in an older time frame based in the early 17th century. In Twelfth Night, Viola thinks her brother is dead and drowned in the ship’s wreckage. Instead of taking the name Sebastian like in the film Viola goes under the name Cesario to attempt to fit into high society

In the film and play they both share the same name “Viola” and are both twins to Sebastian. Both value their independence and individuality. Both help the Duke with Olivia. Both take on the identity of their brother (Apart from the name). Both fall in love with Duke. Both struggle to keep up with the Allusion.

Andy Fickman’s film, She’s the Man is a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night, and has many similarities and differences with each other. Andy’s film makes a slight change in love by changing the ending of the film to a ball, and Viola breaks the rules at it, but besides the changes, it still has the same characters and roles as the play with a few minor changes. She’s the Man is a film that is successful at keeping the characters and plot of the play despite the differences in setting, and the values of the century. She’s the Man shows some modern-day issues and because of that the film and the issues shown in it are relevant to our modern world.

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