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What should the civil rights movement look like today? Anything could arise, from peaceful protest to aggressive protest, or most likely people getting hurt, who knows? This could be an ongoing speculating topic. No one ever distinguishes what can appear or not occur, but they may have ideas.

As heard in the past, civil rights movements most likely end up being a failure, even movements in general, leading to many people getting either hurt or injured, or potentially killed. For example, the civil rights movement that occurred from 1954–1968. The goal was to impose constitutional rights for those of color which eventually worked. Even though it eventually worked, people had to struggle. Many people died, got beaten by sheriffs, and ended up being a failure at first. In other words, it sucked for those of color living throughout 1954-1968 because they suffered tremendously. I cannot believe the world was at a point where people had to fight for equality and got beaten in return for doing so. While this was true, in 1955, Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) led a non-violent peaceful protest so that mankind of color could have a chance to let their word out on how they felt about racial segregation. Even though they had a peaceful protest, sheriffs still went ahead and tear-gassed innocent people and even worse, killed and beat innocent people, also known as police brutality. Furthermore, what’s even more intense is that in today’s world, many innocent blacks still have to go through police brutality or discrimination daily. It’s a really sad topic to think about because this has been going on for decades. To add on, a lady known as Barbara Reynolds wrote an article called “I Was a Civil Rights Activist in the 1960s. But it’s Hard for Me to Get Behind Black Lives Matter.” In this article, Barbara Reynolds gave her perspective on what she thinks about the Black Lives Matter movement and how life was for those fighting for rights throughout the 1960s. Barbara Reynolds mentions how some people even had to “sometimes dress in church clothes and kneel in prayer during the protest to make a clear distinction between who was evil and who was good.” It’s crazy and sad to think that these events are occurring in our world. The cruel people thought it was ok to beat innocent people when they’ve done no wrong but just try to fight for their rights. I cannot take in the fact that this all occurred almost 52 years ago. And people were scared for their lives from those who were supposed to be there and protect them. Likewise, there are still many similar cases occurring today where people are trying to fight for their rights, but one that caught my eye would be the LGBT community. The LGBT movement consists of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people who are trying to be supported around the world. I believe they should be given the rights they want and be supported around the world because they do nothing wrong but promote positivity for those who want to come out.

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Moving on, watching the film “Fruitvale Station”, gave me a whole new perspective in life mostly because I feel bad for those of color being treated unequally as others. The film was based on a true story that occurred in Oakland, California. The film showcased Oscar Grant (Michael B. Jordan) an African American male getting shot in the back by a white police officer only for resisting arrest. Even worse, one of the police officers there started saying racial slurs. Moving on, This incident occurred 10 years ago, but the crazy thing is that it is still occurring in today’s society. Police brutality, in my opinion, is an issue that needs to be resolved because it mostly targets people of African American descent. Whenever police brutality occurs not only does it make the one police officer doing the brutality look bad but also the rest because then it’s all over the news and social media. A scene that caught my eye throughout the film was the black people being scared of the police officers whenever they passed by. It’s sad because they are scared of those who are supposed to be there to protect them. This is most likely because they had been treated badly by police officers in the past.

In conclusion, a civil rights movement should look like a peaceful movement because you never know what could occur if it weren’t one. For example, what occurred back in 1954–1968 when they had a peaceful civil rights movement. To add on, police brutality is also an ongoing issue occurring in today’s society as also seen on “Fruitvale Station” and social media. Furthermore, a similar situation that is occurring in today’s world is the LGBT community rights movement; the movement wants to be worldwide supported and recognized as something positive.

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