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A hero is recognized to be a savior, to have characteristics that are considered hero-like, and to have achievements that are respectfully good. Dallas ‘Dally’ Winston appeared as one of the characters who went through much character development and encouraged character motivation. Dally is an example of having a dangerous background, but still being able to be considered as a hero. Dally can fully express hero-like qualities such as selflessness, courage, and caring.

To begin with, with every action that Dally takes, he is putting himself at risk, knowing that he could be hurt by it. “‘Here’ – he handed us a gun and a roll of bills – ‘the gun’s loaded. For Pete’s sake, Johnny, don’t point the thing at me. Here’s fifty bucks’” (Hilton, 53). Dally knew that if he assisted Ponyboy and Johnny, he would’ve possibly gotten taken. However, possibly for the safety of Ponyboy and Johnny, he decided to help them. “Dally would be okay after two or three days in the hospital, he said. One arm was badly burned and would be scarred for the rest of his life, but he would have full use of it in a couple of weeks” (Hilton, 86). Dally’s saving Ponyboy and Johnny from the fire completely describes Dally’s selflessness. Dally would save them without thinking about the consequences, such as possibly dying in the fire.

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Continuing, throughout the story Dallas Winston has shown an immense amount of courage. “Dally had spent three years on the wild side of New York and had been arrested at the age of ten” (Hilton, 10). Growing up, Dally didn’t live in an ideal home since he was able to get arrested at the young age of ten. Dally had to face many difficulties living in a dangerous home. Dally would always have to put up a shield to protect himself from getting hurt by others. Which must’ve contributed to him becoming tough, cold, and mean. “It would be a miracle if Dally loved anything. The fight for self-preservation had hardened him beyond caring” (Hilton, 52). As Ponyboy has stated, Dally doesn’t show much love for anything. Dally’s childhood has tormented him so much that he has to close off his feelings for others because he is scared to get hurt by them. However, as the story continues, we can see a side of him he has not shown throughout the beginning of the story, Dally’s concern for Johnny’s safety.

Finally, even though growing up and has to center himself away from the crowds, Dally still can care for others. “Johnny was the only thing Dally loved. And now Johnny was gone” (Hilton, 130). Throughout the story, it is noticed that Dally treats Johnny differently compared to how he treats others. Even if Johnny is the gang’s pet, Dally would usually never yell at Johnny or hit him. “‘We gotta see him’, Dally said, and flicked out Two-Bit’s switchblade. His voice was shaking. ‘We’re gonna see him and if you give me any static you’ll end up on your own operatin’ table’” (Hilton, 25). Dally shows so much concern for Johnny during this scene that he threatens a doctor and possibly gets himself in trouble at the hospital to see Johnny.

In conclusion, in ‘The Outsiders’, Dallas ‘Dally’ Winston is someone who grew up in a wild and threatening environment, having to always put up a facade in front of others to protect himself. He would become tough and mean, however, the story shows his different sides. Dally can be considered a hero since he has heroic qualities like selflessness, courage, and caring. Dally expresses these qualities in his own way, either by protecting the gang or dealing with society.

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