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I subconsciously found myself assuming a leadership position and taking charge of activities which led to me being elected the captain of my class through my school days where I was involved in both the organization of the class affairs and the resourcefulness of my mates. I became conscious of this attribute of leadership and influence when I was fourteen years of age so I started galvanizing this potential by moving closer to mentors and getting acquainted with diverse motivational books.

Being the assistant head boy of Radiance Boys and Girls College I was involved in the organization of inter and intra-school quizzes and football competitions. The month of February 2011 was one of those months that would forever live in my heart. I achieved an unprecedented feat in the organization of an inter-school quiz competition between my school and other private schools. My school was going through a financial hurdle then so there was no funding from the school but I never let the scenario take a negative toll on me. I sent letters to some parents and notable organizations requesting financial support to carry out the competition. Along with my team of other prefects, we forged ahead to source the best brains to represent the school. The teachers assisted in drafting the questions and a colossal success was achieved. My school was the first runner-up and prizes were awarded to all the schools that participated.

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Immediately after high school, I worked in a private school named Tokafid group of schools where I taught the upper primary, in two months I was assigned a leadership role to be the headmaster of the primary school. I ensured all teachers were at their best and a cordial relationship was maintained between the teachers and the parents. I organized seminars and workshops for the teachers to be juxtaposed with the advanced world. I dedicated so much to making sure the population of the school increased one of which was liaising with the proprietress to give discounts on the first twenty parents who enrolled in their ward and any of the staff involved in the enrolment was duly appreciated.

I hail from an environment where the rate of theft, moral decadence, high level of illiteracy, and school dropouts are significantly humongous but the passion to make a difference made my friends create a drama group called Glorious Youth Drama Ministry which I was the director. We reach out to public gatherings, religious centers, and social events to sensitize youths on the negative impact of hooliganism, drug amongst many others. Ayinla Michael a school dropout who received a life-changing experience due to one of our presentations whom I mentored, today he can read and write also a graduate of a Christian theological college.

Chevening scholarship would widen my horizons and give me adequate exposure for seamless leadership which I would use to solve persisting problems ravaging my country upon my return.

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