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In the story ‘Blue Winds Dancing’ by Thomas S. Whitecloud, the setting is important in revealing the character’s situation as well as the theme of the story. The character is originally from a Native American village, but most of the story is in the U.S. Throughout the story, the character is in various places around the United States. It’s at these places he learns various things about himself and where he fits in his culture. He also questions the culture of the ‘white people’ he finds himself surrounded by. The accumulation of these events leads to his personal conflict as well as the revelation of the theme.

The setting in this particular story is very important when it comes to revealing the main character’s inner conflict. There’s no specific setting that the story takes place in, but rather various places outside of the main character’s village. He finds himself distraught as he struggles to determine why the white people are the way they are, and why they consider his culture inferior. He is told that many of his cultural beliefs are false. These experiences feed into the main character’s inner conflict, which comes to more of a breaking point later, towards the end of the story.

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The theme is revealed more towards the end of the story, as the main character resolves his inner conflict. Its revelation is possible mainly because of the setting shift. The setting now is back in his village, which is important. After being in the setting of the United States, he feels conflicted upon returning to his village. He wonders if he’s more like the white people, or even if he will be accepted among his people. The theme, whether it’s ‘accept yourself for who you are’ or ‘stand by your friends and family’, is revealed as the character decides he will be happier with his people after all.

In conclusion, the various settings in the story ‘Blue Winds Dancing’ played a vital role in building up the main character’s inner conflict as well as ultimately leading to the revelation of the theme. The frequent change in setting accumulated new experiences for the main character, and introduced new situations and questions to the main character about his culture and the culture of the white people. The setting during the last part of the story made the revelation of the theme possible as the main character returned to his village.

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