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Industrialization has brought different changes to our way of life. Industrialization is defined as a development of industries in a country or region on a wide scale. I define it as the new changes making our world into what it is today. The Gilded Age occurred from 1870s to the 1900s and it was during the late 19th century. This age brought a rapid growth that was made by technical advances in transportation and manufacturing. These changes were good and bad. Many of these events were a way of the future. This caused an increase in wealth and immigration. It also made a big difference in social and economic changes.

The Gilded Age brought many nice changes and some bad changes by industrialization. These are some ways that social issues have happened: the assimilation of immigrants and Native Americans. These Native Americans are sometimes forced to leave where they lived and abandon their land. They would often have to leave their culture behind and it was not by choice. Some Chinese Immigrants would face problems like discriminoaton throughout education, jobs, and housing. Industrialization caused for all these immigrants to come into the United States. Some other problems by industrialization were that it increased the need for workers in factories which means that even more people/immigrants will be brought in and that will crowd certain areas, a lot of cities will be crowded. These factories were not good either, many had to many people working in them and they had long hard hours to work. These workers were paid very low wages and a lot of dangerous working conditions made the work even harder for them to endure. Many health risks also impacted these people in negative ways that would hurt their lives after they are done working. Child Labor was brought in during the Gilded Age. Children would have to quit school and work to help their families. These factories were not safe for adults and especially not safe for these young children. These children could work in these dangerous factors for hours because there was not a strict laissez-faire policy. This means that most of the regulations were not up to date or correct. Pollution was also getting very bad because of the factories and people.

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Some good or better social changes that happened during this time was Urbanization starting to increase. This means that the population of people was increasing by a lot. It allowed many immigrants to come into the United States to work in these factories. This allowed people to have jobs and survive. The Gilded Age caused an increase in wealth because of the factories that were invented. Many social figures came to be known in this age. These figures were Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Theodore Roosevelt, and many others. Andrew Carneige was an owner of a steel company. He was a real life example of the Gilded Age because he went from being poor to wealthy which means that there was some hope for people living during this age, but not the poor or unhealthy people. John D. Rockefeller was the founder of standard oil. Theodore Roosevelt was a leader of th Repulican party and later was involved in the progessive movement. Andrew Carnegie was so important during this age because he rose from poverty to being one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. Industrialization changed him by using his steel in new technologies so that his company would expand.

The economic changes brought by Industrialization were very important during the Gilded age as well. These changes would lead us into the future for the good or for the bad. One major problem was that the problems between workers of factories and big business owners were growing. Farming was becoming a problem since new factories, machines and inventions were coming into play. They were producing to many things and that caused prices to go down. Many of these farmers had to give up or lost their land because they could not afford to keep it. Farmers would crop as much as they could, but they would get less and less money. Another economic problems facing the Gilded age was Segregation. It caused racial groups/problems. These economic problems caused the Gilded age to fall a little bit.

Some economic changes during this period were good. One example was that technical advances happened. This and manufacturing happened because of industrialization.

Industrialization brought new people, buildings, inventions, and new people into the United States. These changes showed the United States that things would get better, but they would also get worse. Throught the farming problems and the child labor, some people would say industrialization was bad and shouldn’t have happened, but we needed these things to happen to get us to where we are today in this world and the changes were not all bad. We got new inventions like Andrew Carnegie and the way that he grew from poverty to wealth. The Gilded Age was described as a time in which it appears that a thin layer of prosperity was covering the poverty and corruption that existed in much of society.- Mark Twain. I think that a lot of problems did occur during this age, but we got through it. I believe that the social issues were the biggest problems to me because lots of people would work in these “factories” and become very ill or hurt and no one did anything for them. The economic problems were a big deal too. Like how the farmers lost their money and land because of these factories and buildings. Industrialization causes many problems and many benefits for certain people in this age of time. The Gilded Age was so important because it had a big change with urbanization, social, and economic development/ changes. These effects helped make the Gilded Age into what it is today.

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