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Leadership is always a big deal in different kingdoms, nations, and countries. Whereby other leaders become ambitious and ruthless. The following piece of writing will outline Creon’s law, the importance of his law, the period it took him to change it, and either the fairness or unfairness of this law.

Creon establishes his law to reinforce his power and make people aware of what might be the outcomes of rebelling against him. King Creon put his law to make his people aware that he was the one in power and superior. It is written in the book,’ I am aware, of course, that no Ruler can expect complete loyalty from his subjects until he has been tested in office.’ This line quoted from the book makes it clear that King Creon was afraid of the people he would be leading, therefore, one may say that it would be better if he outlined his principles and expectations as early as possible before they could revolt against him.

King Creon introduced his law, to warn his people on having friendships with people who are rebels on his kingship, and on having people who are traitors around him in his palace. One may say, this was done because before King Creon became king, the late king, Odupius had affairs with people who were said to be enemies of Thebes. Polyneices fought Eteocles, his brother who was loyal to the Thebes which led to the war between brothers fighting for the throne. Now, Creon seems to have the fear that history might repeat itself, so it is better to avoid that in advance.

For King Creon’s law to be obeyed, it will mean that he is honored as the king, actually, the fearful king. This will help Creone gain support from his people and inhibit the chances of thoughts these people may have or revolts against him. One may also argue and say that, as he is not sure of the loyalty of his people to him, up until the ship arrived safely in the harbor, although it might happen that some of them are not certain about his leadership, they have questions about the death of the previous king. But his law and rules will outline all, so that people will obey even if they are not certified, just like how people did to Joseph Stalin in Russia (Creon’s statement shows traits of dictatorship. So no one will ever rebel against him or ask questions concerning his reign. To prove that he wants to be superior, there is a line from the book where he is boasting, ‘That is my will. Take care that you do your part.’

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One may say that ‘storms’ from the book have been used figuratively meaning the situations, and the events of fights that were fought before King Creon got into the throne, and the ship is also used figuratively as Creon’s reigning or throne. Therefore, he was uncertain of the people who were supporting him (his allies) and those who were his enemies. Now, since he is reigning, he can see the loyal people and he can rely on them. One may argue using the word ‘can’ from Creon’s speech, that he was not relying on his people, but now after all the battles they showed him their loyalty, then he still can rely not rely. This can suggest his uncertainty about the people he will be leading.

It took Creon a long time to change his mind about this law because Creon was not in power or authority, he could manipulate laws or do things according to his will. It might be that he was still assessing, planning, observing situations, and strengthening his governors so that he would be sure of whom is on his side, or count on them or supporting him. He was still spreading his ideology and tactics to his people, as part of establishing unity, so that they would think and act like him. One of his plans could be his law. As English says, ‘United we stand, Divided we fall.’

One may say that Creon’s law was unfair or not justified because it is part of a dictatorship, a one-party state. That means only the king has supreme rights and privileges while people have no rights, are being abused, and people’s rights of living were violated by the king. It is noted from that, a person is not allowed even to bury his family member because of this law. This shows that Creon is the king of himself not for the people. If you are a leader, you listen and be able to sympathize with the people you are leading. One may say, that Creon is used retributive justice, where you get severe punishment for your wrongdoings. Therefore, there is no equality, and justice in his leadership.

Therefore, in conclusion, Creon’s leadership can be regarded as that of dictatorship, and had traits of being ruthless or thinking good for himself not for the people he was leading. It will be noted from the Creon’s kingship that most of the leaders, abuse power or negatively use authority, sometimes to oppress people.

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