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One of the most significant matters for the analysis of an organization is its marketing environment. According to Kotler et al., a firm’s marketing environment is made up of external actors and factors that influence a company’s capacity to create and sustain effective connections with its target consumers. As such, the organization under analysis is The Bog Tavern, which is located in Bourne, Massachusetts. The core products of the restaurant include food (appetizers, sandwiches, salads, launch, and dinner entries) and drinks (“Our Story”). The target audience of the organization comprises young couples and corporate employees who seek dinners and special events (“The Vue @ Brookside”). The firm is a mid-range restaurant with a fraction of the market position in the fast food and restaurant industry (Tripadvisor). The paper will analyze the organization’s external and internal environment by providing a SWOT analysis.

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The company has several strengths that lie in its internal environment. Namely, according to the customers of the restaurant, it has an “interesting menu and inspired chef” (Yelp, “The Bog Tavern – Bourne, MA”). Hence, The Bog Tavern has a differentiated product since the restaurant provides a variety of meals and drinks, which is essential for satisfying the needs of diverse customers. Moreover, the company has a working leadership strength, which could be observed and appreciated by the clients. However, one of the weaknesses of the firm is that “they are far too often out of items on both their specials menu and regular menu” (Yelp, “The Bog Tavern – Bourne, MA”). Therefore, The Bog Tavern has issues with the supply chain, which signifies that it does not manage the logistics strategically to regulate the busy days and sufficient amount of products. Furthermore, the restaurant uses the function room for dance parties, such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day. One of the customers complained that it was “so loud it was hard to hear the hostess” (Yelp, “The Bog Tavern – Bourne, MA”). Thus, although The Bog Tavern has outstanding service, good leadership, and a diverse menu, it struggles with the supply chain and providing an appropriate atmosphere for clients.

Nevertheless, the company has opportunities that have the potential to be realized. For example, The Bog Tavern can implement the novel technological advancement of the fast food industry, namely, an AI-powered predictor of customer traffic, such as the one from Tastewise (Aniel). The device can help the firm to buy the needed supply for predicted demand. The other opportunity similarly comes from the technology sector and includes tracking consumer preferences data (Aniel). This innovation would enable The Bog Tavern to better understand its customers’ tastes.

The competition threatens the restaurant with Jim’s Clam Shack in the product category of sandwiches, fish & chips, and seafood. The restaurant is nearby and targets a similar audience while offering a comparatively greater variety of food (Yelp, “Jim’s Clam Shack – Falmouth, MA”). In turn, Timber Axe Bar & Bowl provides more entertainment services and competes with the company in the category of bars (Yelp, “Timber Axe Bar and Bowl – Falmouth, MA”). The other threat is the possibility of paying hefty fees for outdoor dining, which has already been implemented in Boston (Kadzis et al.). However, it seems that the threat has been linked to protests, which could be expected during the elections, which is not soon, although realistic.


To conclude, The Bog Tavern has great opportunities due to the enthusiasm and leadership of its employees and competitive products. However, the competitors might overtake the restaurant’s target audience by providing more organized service due to better supplies and concentrating on the specific needs of the customers. Moreover, the threat of rising fees can damage the budget of the organization. Hence, The Bog Tavern can still be competitive only if it enhances its logistics and indoor activities approach.

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