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The other major factor in this story is when the prisoner is released from the shackles and can venture out. The prisoners are “set free from their chains and cured of their lack of insight” (Plato). This line also entails that releasing the prisoner is like a teacher teaching.

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They must push a vast amount of information out, for the students to understand the truth. Another line that supports this example is “If someone, using force, were to pull him away from there and to drag him up the cave’s rough and steep ascent and not to let go of him until he had dragged him out into the light of the sun” (Plato). The teacher is the “someone” and the “stranger” is the student. When the prisoner is pulled out of the cave, it shows that it is the responsibility of the prisoner to depict what is real and not real. This makes a connection with education, teachers, and students because our professors can enlighten us with knowledge. But unless we apply ourselves to a certain degree and have the urge to learn new things, then we will never completely understand what is being preached. My educational journey to becoming a doctor relates to the example of the teacher hauling the prisoner into reality. The journey I have requires a lot of time, dedication, and direction that I have to immerse myself in. Teachers can provide insights, but it is my responsibility to manifest and fall in love with the process.

In my own opinion on the Allegory of the Cave, I believe that society is unknowledgeable of what is the real reality. We are content with how we understand the concepts of life and if anything drastic were to change or be revealed, we would have a hard time accepting it. The whole story is like a front door to a house that has limited visibility and lighting. You do not know anything when you are inside, only the things you can hear or see. But once the front door opens, you will be able to visualize nature and what is behind the darkness. Such as for education, without a proper path, you will be lost and spin in an endless circle. Teachers play a critical card in everyone’s journey in education, not just my own. Education and the allegory of the cave mix perfectly to show the readers how education is depicted and demonstrated.

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