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A Thousand Splendid Suns is a novel written by Khaled Hosseini. In 2007, the year of its release, the book has already taken the attention of many by becoming number #1 New York Times bestseller. The story is about 2 young girls, Mariam and Laila, having to deal with their cursed fate. The story takes place in Afghanistan more precisely in Kabul a city where Mariam moved when she got married and where Laila was born and met her first love, Tariq. At that time, terrorism was at its peak and there was nowhere to run. Many casualties happened which led to many people’s deaths and one of the main characters too, Mariam. In the end, the war and the terrorism stopped and freedom was then given to everyone’s souls even the dead ones.

The plot is without a doubt one of the most important reasons why this story is so popular. First, the plot looks real and the reason behind it is because of the author. Khaled Hosseini knows more than anyone about the situation in Afghanistan; throughout this book, we feel the connection between him and the story with the aspect of patriotism. The story takes place in Kabul the same city where the author was born and at the end of the story Laila tells Tariq she wants to go back to Kabul “Laila has her dreams. In them, she’s always back at the house in Kabul” (page 387). The plot reflects the reality of this world and shows the pain the character is going through which makes us drown in this sad fictional world.

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The narration is also another important aspect of this story because the author first presented Mariam’s story when she was younger and after that, he went from one chapter to another and changed the protagonist of the story. Moreover, it didn’t affect the story at all instead; it added an original effect because at this end everything was related. It seems difficult but it isn’t. It’s like reading 2 short stories based on the same topic that got mixed, a very good way to entertain the readers in my humble opinion.

The characters are also very well made by Khaled but there were too many. Sometimes I had problems remembering some characters, especially at the end when Mariam was talking about her old tutor. However, every one of them had an importance and a weight in this story. They were all unique with unique traits that the reader must’ve thought this story was based on real events. The reason there were many characters in my opinion is because the author couldn’t have made a better story if he didn’t do that because he used his surroundings in Afghanistan to make this story many people helped him which means many ideas.

The absolute best thing about this story is without a doubt the details that the author put to make such a story. It was so clear that you had the idea in your head I give this book a 5 stars

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