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If I’ve got a ticket in my hand, I would go to Thailand. I would be there for about two weeks. I would go to Thailand because I want to help improve the treatment of elephants. I would go to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary in Thalang, Thailand. I would also want to go sightseeing like at the Ayutthaya Historical Park and Railay Bay for the peaceful scenery. Another thing I would also visit is the floating market to get a different type of shopping experience.

I would go to the Phuket International Airport and get it set up where I would have someone help translate and direct me during my time there. I would have gotten a hotel near the sanctuary before and settled in for the day. The day after I would try the food there and explore the area for interesting sightings. Then I would start my first day at the sanctuary and learn how I would be helping them. I would take lots of photos and make sure I would be making the most of my time there.

After I would volunteer for about a week, I would arrange a way to go see the Ayutthaya Historical Park. I want to visit the park because of the history that comes with being there for hundreds of years. I want to see the art and the architectural structure that they had back then. I also want to learn more about how the royal family lived in the past. I’d imagine they had very easy lives in their free time.

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After coming back from the park, I would get dinner rest and explore the town for a few days, and my guild would help me not get lost. With my time running out, I would spend a day at Railay Bay, go rock climbing, hike a little, and if I still had time, I would take a dive in the bay. I would take lots of pictures and just rest in the sand, enjoying my time there. I would pack a meal so I wouldn’t get hungry.

On my second to last day, I would be shopping in the floating market with my guild to find things early in the morning for my family back at home and try new foods that the vendors sell. I would like to learn about the history of the market. I would travel to another floating market called Amphawa. That has more authentic food, mainly seafood like squid and shellfish.

On my last day there, I would be packing for the long plane ride home, making sure I had everything I would need in my carry-on bag. I would be excited to see my sister and family, tell her and them about my trip. I would be sad to leave but also homesick. That is what I would do if I’ve got a ticket in my hand to anywhere.

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