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The writing process can help drastically when it comes to essays. The five steps of the essay include prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. They can help make sure a subject is on point and there is enough information. It is important for writers to work through each step to achieve a complete piece that is well thought out. The writing process ensures that the point is clear, and improves overall writing. The writing process is essential in writing to make the objective and intentions of the author clear.

Prewriting is the first step, which makes it very important. This is where a writer chooses a topic and tries to narrow down some points to go along. Considering who needs to be addressed, developing ideas are also a big part of the process. Prewriting may consist of outlining, clustering, or other techniques to help focus on a subject. Brainstorming is a great idea to receive topics.

The second step of the writing process is drafting. During this step, the writer puts these fragmented ideas into complete thoughts, like sentences and paragraphs. Once a topic is chosen, identify a purpose for the essay. For example, if the topic is dogs and it needs to be persuasive, someone could write about dog racing and its controversy. The first thing a writer should compose is an introduction to state the topic and draw readers into the writing. The first rough draft will not be perfect, but prewriting can keep a writer on track and ensure the piece maintains focus.

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Revising is the third step, which is an entire revision of the essay. This includes reviewing, altering, and amending messages. Writers usually go back and forth between drafting and revising. Writers can go through dozens of drafts and revisions before moving on to the next step. Revision includes determining the structure of the draft and identifying weak arguments and presentations. When writers first start, it is not always the best, so revision is a chance to crucially look at the writing piece and see if the audience will understand, if it is worth stating and if it conveys a point.

The fourth step is editing the essay but on the sentence level. Editing includes questioning and analyzing sentences, managing sentence length, and removing spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and formatting errors. By going through and editing the entire essay, it ensures writing is efficient, the topics support the thesis, and the essay is not too technical or does not make sense.

The final step of the writing process is publishing, which is fairly easy. Turn in the assignment to whoever needs it, online or in person. People get to see all their hard work, and weights are lifted off their shoulders. Publishing does not seem like an important step, but going from nothing to a full essay that is drafted, revised, and edited a dozen times is a great feeling.

In conclusion, the writing process is vital to create an essay that has a clear point and thesis and makes sense throughout the writing. The writing process allows writers to envision their idea and make them come to life. Through drafting, revisions, and editing, the hard work shows when the essay is completed and flawless. The writing process is a great tool for writers and should not be forgotten because it can make essays better.

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