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I thought today would be the same as any other but it was completely different. After my lunch, my husband comes home with my son looking proud, but after he told me what he had done I had lost it, he gambled away all of our money! He gambled it all on his ‘prized horse’ I knew this was going to happen, if I had known he had a gambling problem I would have refused to marry him. My father made us lots and lots of money, and both my parents said I should marry Reginald because his family had lots of money too, they didn’t want me marrying someone poor, I have no idea why, so instead they spoke to their rich friends with sons and made me choose which one I would marry, of course, I would marry a gambler it is just my luck. At the time he seemed like the best man to marry, It was Reginald or some other man, I don’t even remember his name, all I remember about him is I did not like his manners in the slightest bit, and that was the worst mistake I had ever made in my life.

It seemed like a great one at the time, I didn’t love him though; I only married him because I had no choice.

I believe I fooled myself into thinking I loved him, when he started to gamble, I thought

“It won’t be a problem we have lots of money we won’t run out of money” I should have walked out with my children when I had the chance.

we have nothing left, he gambled everything away, I’m surprised he didn’t gamble me along with the house, because of Reginald’s stupidity I lose my childhood home, family heirlooms, paintings everything. All because of a poor decision from when I was younger, I’m sure my parents are looking down at me shaking their heads in disappointment they probably think I should’ve gone with the other man, I wish I got an actual choice of who I wanted to marry, instead of two choices, I’m sure a poorer man would have been much better for me, I’m sure a poorer man wouldn’t gamble away all of our money.

I will not survive working, I have never worked a day in my life, I rarely went out of my home, now I won’t even be inside my home at all, I will have to be working now I don’t even know what job I will have to do, will I even know how I would do it? What will happen if I don’t know how to do it? What will I do is this the only thing I can do? I have to stay with that man.

After I was forced out of my home and all of my family heirlooms were sold we had some money to at least get home, it isn’t the largest home and is not anywhere near as big as our old home, it will have to do, we have little to almost money in our pockets, at the beginning we had enough to get by, but Reginald decided it would be a great idea to start gamboling it away, we could get by now we are struggling to eat, our jobs don’t pay much I work at the shop and get paid 3 shillings a week, the only thing Reginald does is gamble all the money away, making it harder to get by. Our children ended up having to work too.

My daughter, Elizabeth, got a job in coal mines when she was so small, and my son, Arthur, is working in a shipyard helping the sailors. Reginald thinks everything is okay and we will get back all the money we had, but it is not okay and by the time we make all that money back our children’s, children will have grown. If he continues gamboling our money it’ll make things worse, I don’t think he realizes this.

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We might not even have a home if he continues. Will we even survive the winter? We don’t have a fireplace, so how are we going to keep warm?

It’s things like these that worry me, I want my children to live how I lived, rich, warm, and loved, but so far only one of these are true.

My children may never have the life I had, Arthur will remember being rich but Elizabeth won’t she’s far too young to remember her rich life; it might be better that way, if she doesn’t remember being rich then we won’t have to worry about her complaining and asking why aren’t back at our old home.

Now that we are poor I don’t think we can afford to go to a doctor, what if one of us gets ill? Are we to die?

I see now how ungrateful I was before, I wish I could go back to before losing our money, stop Reginald from gambling our money, and help the poor by giving them money to try to get them out of poverty. A lot of the people I have met people are worse off than us, we should consider ourselves lucky that we have a home and not on the streets.

An illness has been spreading rapidly recently, I and my family could catch any illness easily, a lot of customers who come to my work are coughing a lot, so I come into contact with a lot of germs at my work. It’s a surprise I haven’t caught anything yet, as I have to handle the money have touched whilst being sick.

When I came home from work Elizabeth was complaining about pain in her stomach and she started to throw up, hopefully, she will be okay, it’s probably just some illness that will go away in a day or so, Reginald will look after her when I’m at work.

A couple of days later Elizabeth started to feel better, so she went back to work, the same day she started to feel better she broke out in a rash, and she died soon after. A few weeks after her death, I caught the same disease she had died from, or I think so anyway. I have the same symptoms she had, I know this or my daughter’s death will kill me, I know in a couple of days I will join, and I can’t way to see her smile again.

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