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As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for District 10, Michael McCaul is the Congressman that is busy helping keep U.S. borders secure, the economy sound, our healthcare affordable, our energy resources safe, veterans cared for, plus other concerns that affect the individual freedoms of the average American. He is currently the Lead Republican on the Foreign Affairs committee where he and many others use their skills to combat threats from across the world. He also is the Former Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, which mainly protects Americans from foreign attack. Several of his legislator achievements include the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act (2018), Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (2018), the Securing America’s Future Act (2018) and, of course, several others. His district covers many adjoining counties including Harris County, which is where I live.

Congressman McCaul has very definite views on the Economy and his role in assisting the American people in keeping more of their hard-earned wages. He states “I support pro-growth economic policies that foster innovation and job creation.” ( McCaul is concerned that America is headed for hyperinflation and he supports legislation that will help businesses prosper, keep taxes low to help families keep more of their paychecks, and he would like to lower the Capital Gains tax to promote private investing. He feels strongly about keeping jobs going in the U.S. economy. Mr. McCaul thinks that keeping jobs available for Americans is important because it puts money in the average American’s pocket. He does not want to increase taxes. When Americans have extra cash, it moves the economy up and moves money around.

Congressman McCaul has fought and voted for many energy policies that would lower the United States’ reliance on other countries’ oil and gas, allowing the United States to become more independent and focus more on finding our natural resources here in the States. McCaul believes that this would strengthen our economy as well as bolster our national security( McCaul believes in reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil and expanding American sources of energy production here in the USA. He says “America is blessed with an abundance of natural resources that should be developed responsibly. This is both good for our economy and our national security.”( McCaul has voted for many policies that would expand the American oil and energy trade including the promotion of new refineries, the expansion of nuclear power plants, advancing offshore energy production which allows for new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and also “requires the Secretary of the Interior to issue drilling leases in the outer continental shelf.”(

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Since Congressman McCaul is from Texas, and we have thousands of miles of border with Mexico, border security is a concern for the people in the United States. One of the ways that America can control the risk to our security is the use of Biometrics. Wikipedia says that this is a system that identifies people specifically by distinctive characteristics like their fingerprints, palm veins, face recognition, DNA, palm print, iris recognition, and even gait, voice, and odor. ( › wiki › Biometrics) This is used by Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies to identify terrorists, actors, and human traffickers when they attempt to cross the American Border or are arrested in our country. Many In people call the situation on our common border with Mexico, a crisis. In June. 2019, alone the number of unaccompanied minors reached almost 3000 a day. This taxes the manpower of the Border Patrol to make sure these minors get to the correct facilities or even to the hospital if that is needed. In one day, alone, seventy trips to the hospital were made by Border Patrol Security. ( Along with Congressman Bill Goodlatte, the Securing America’s Future Act is a bill introduced to help with adding barriers along the border which included walls, cameras, and more manpower patrolling the border. This bill is intended to close immigration loopholes get rid of diversity visa programs, and get rid of chain migration. These things are meant to achieve operational control at the border. (

Being the son of a WWII B-17 bombardier shows how proud Michael McCaul is of his father, and his real concern for the well-being of our nation’s veterans, and the issues that affect their lives. He feels that because veterans join our military voluntarily to sacrifice their lives, if necessary, we as Americans have a responsibility to give our veterans better services. We should help our veterans in the areas of healthcare, financial assistance, and education. In his pursuit to make veterans’ lives better, he helped pass a law that would pay bonuses for service members and allowed for a raise in pay for the military. McCaul has also devoted time to sponsoring legislators to allow veterans to pursue higher education, and giving housing stipends to those who were affected by natural disasters, McCaul says “I remain committed to working tirelessly on behalf of our veterans who commit their lives to keep us safe.”(

In conclusion, Michael McCaul is the Congressman who is busy helping keep U.S. borders secure, the economy sound, our healthcare affordable, our energy resources safe, veterans cared for, plus other concerns that affect the individual freedoms of the average American. He supports a strong economy and wants to keep jobs going in the U.S. thinking this will put more money in the average American’s pocket. McCaul also believes in making America more self-reliant and independent with its resources such as oil and gas. He has helped put in multiple policies that would expand our energy industry with laws, such as, promoting the building of new refineries. Also, McCaul works tirelessly to keep our borders safe from terrorism, enacting laws that will benefit and humanely treat the immigrants coming across the borders into our country. His concerns for the youngest, most vulnerable immigrants coming into America challenge him to always seek good results for resources used to help them. Lastly, while very proud of the veterans of the U.S., Congressman McCaul actively seeks through legislation, to promote ideas and laws that will pay back these fine men for the service they have given to our country.

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