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In William Golding’s novel ‘Lord of the Flies’, Ralph is described as a leader, companion, and a civilized person, who runs on a democracy. That is why all the people from the island chose Ralph as their leader. Ralph also helps run the island. If the people had a different leader, I think that everyone’s viewpoint would change. Ralph crafted the huts and helped with the idea of making the fire to try and help them get rescued.

Ralph is a symbol of good leadership because of his leadership skills and his care for the boys. “Ralph sketched a map of how to get back to the rock with the scar, with the quickest and safest route” (Golding, 29). This shows how he cares for the boys, and for a way to get everyone to the rock safely. This quote also shows how he is a great leader by planning out how to get there, by not losing anyone or getting anyone hurt.

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Ralph is established to use or run on a democracy, getting input from other people on ideas of how to get rescued from this tough and troublesome situation and journey. “Ralph had to adjust his values and ideas so that other people could think, especially Piggy, allowing input from other people” (Golding, 78). Ralph gets input from other people to make the journey of getting rescued easier. The fire was not originally Ralph’s idea. He got ideas from others and tries to make them better or perfect them. As well as the conch, which was Piggy’s idea to pass it on and take it to the others.

Ultimately, Ralph becomes civilized. Ralph doesn’t allow others to pick on Piggy, like calling him names. Ralph has also not been in ‘Lord of the Flies’ for some time, and with that time when he is not in the book, others can become uncivilized and unmannered, like picking on people. “Ralph doesn’t get mad at anyone except for the three, running in the forest. Losing his glasses or getting hurt is not among his agitation” (Golding, 162). Ralph is calm and civilized because he gets angry at people that are not doing what they are told because, after all, Ralph is their leader so he tells them what to do.

Altogether, in William Golding’s novel ‘Lord of the Flies’, Ralph was the right person. Ralph shows companionship, and that he can work with anyone, he can be a leader and a civilized person.

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