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I am passionate about many things, but in these last few years, particularly in 2020, because of the time to think, one passion has grown. This passion is to fight one of the largest issues in the country that often gets pushed to the side among other smaller issues. I take every opportunity to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves. I am choosing to speak up for the unborn. In 2016 alone, 623,471 abortions were reported. Abortions are a serious issue in the United States and throughout the world because of how accepted it is. I have seen my passion grow for the unborn in such a powerful way that I have recently made plans to attend the National March for Life in Washington, DC. This injustice takes precedence over all others in our scattered world, because without new life in this world, there will be no future for humanity, no one to teach, and no one to carry on the lessons that we have learned the hard way. I have a fervor for pro-life because I want to give the unborn a voice, abortion is already beginning to change our society’s future for the worst, and abortion harms women in many ways.

I have a passion for pro-life because what is in the womb is a life. That fetus is a life because beyond conception every developmental stage can be applied to some circumstance in which it would be unethical to terminate the person. For instance, if I were to get into a car crash and come to the hospital with no heartbeat or brain activity, but the doctors knew, by some miracle, that I was going to pull through in a few months, I would beyond the shadow of a doubt want to lie in a hospital bed with a catheter, diaper, and feeding tube for nine months for the chance to live.

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I am passionate about pro-life because I care about the direction in which our society is moving. Abortion has already and will continue to harm our society’s future. As the number of abortions rises, so does the decrease of information and history that will be passed down through the generations. As Edmund Burke once said, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it”. The less information gets passed down, the likelihood that our society could possibly revert to the same historical mistakes that could have been prevented.

And finally, I am passionate about the pro-life movement because abortion harms women in more ways than it helps. Abortion completely sidesteps the oppression of women. There are women who are raped and become pregnant; the problem is that they were raped, not that they are pregnant. There are women who are starving who become pregnant; the problem is that they are starving, not that they are pregnant. There are women in abusive relationships who become pregnant; the problem is that they are in abusive relationships, not that they are pregnant. After women have abortions, they are more likely to see extended physical side effects and depression. So, abortion on demand is vital if men are to be able to have women on demand, and thus men are arguing for abortion so that they can continue to exploit women. This was one of the reasons that 19th-century feminists opposed abortion: they regarded it as a way for men to have sex with women without having to take responsibility for any resulting children by getting the women to risk their lives in what were then dangerous operations to prevent the child from being born. And a large contributor to sex trafficking success.

The heart of the matter is that I am passionate about life and the continuation of vibrant lives making large positive impacts on our society’s future that cannot be achieved if abortion continues to be widely practiced and socially accepted.

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