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I strongly believe that everyone should learn to cook, especially young children. This is because it can save money, give independence, and helps people who have allergies.

First of all, I think that we should learn to cook because it can save money. This is because people usually buy takeaway and Uber Eats. We can save money by not purchasing these. If we buy food that we can cook with, we can have leftovers that can be eaten the next night. According to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics), an average Australian person under 34 is now spending at least $100 on takeaway a week. If we spend less money on takeaway, we can save money by buying food that we really need.

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Secondly, when people move out of their family home, for the first time they will need to cook for themselves. They cannot depend on others to cook for them either. Therefore, it is very important that parents teach their children at a suitable young age to cook. It gives them skills like following recipes/instructions and making healthy food choices. It can also teach them measurements and safety in the kitchen. It also makes them feel independent knowing that they can cook simple dishes. According to Kids News, 50% of most 12- to 18-year-olds cannot boil an egg, 42% cannot boil pasta, and 83.9% could not roast a chicken. These statistics show how we should teach children to cook from the ages 6-8 years old, this is because it would create interest at an early age.

And finally, by cooking yourself, you can know what your food contains. This is especially important for people who suffer from allergies. Plus, it is also much healthier because you know what is inside your food and it does not have bacteria or if it is off. Usually, restaurant food is higher in sodium, fat, and calories than cooked meals at home. According to the AIPS (Australian Institute of Personal Trainers), 41% of our energy intake (especially by 14-18-year-olds) is from discretionary foods like takeaways and snacks. This shows how unhealthy our foods, are but if we cook them, they become a lot healthier.

In conclusion, I am completely convinced that cooking is extremely important for anyone. People should learn to cook because, firstly, it gives a sense of independence, secondly, it helps to significantly save money, but the most important thing is that it is healthier because you know what your dishes contain.

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