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It is inevitably true that education plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Without education, no one can survive in this modern world. I believe that the days when life experience was more important than academic qualification are gone, but nowadays having an academic qualification is as important as blood for the body. Several universities are available to get a better education. Tourism plays an important role in a human being’s life; people travel to several places for many purposes, it may be just for rejuvenation, recreational activities, and attending business seminars or meeting as in business tourism. When a person travels to another place or another country it is called tourism. Hospitality management plays a pivotal role in tourism. I have chosen a hospitality degree, which will help me to get a lucrative job according to my needs and choice. After completing my BA, my aim is to pursue my higher qualification in the same field, and my academic goal is to obtain an MBA in the respective field. After this study, I want to get a better job and better health, which will help me to do my level best.

My academic goal is to obtain an MBA (hospitality management). I completed senior secondary education in the same field, and after that, I came to the UK to get a higher study BA (hospitality). I want to pursue an MBA in the respective field as I want to be a manager of a hotel, and for that, I have chosen this goal. MBA is a postgraduate course. During this course, I will go through some special skills and can get a managerial position after its successful passing. This course will open the golden of my bright future as I will learn lots of things from this goal such as good organizational knowledge, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, strong commitment, and self-discipline.

I did lots of things to develop myself. I chose the arts stream in secondary education, I utilized maximum time for my study. I visited my hotels to check their services, hotels and other things which are required in it. After completing secondary education, I came to the UK, enrolled in a reputed university, and now I am pursuing my degree here. The things which I chose to develop me in this field went very well. I learned lots of things from the efforts which I put in. I learned better communication skills, teamwork, team spirit, and management skills.

The curriculum for an MBA program in hospitality management usually includes core business courses in accounting and economics, a bachelor’s degree, and courses in hospitality law and event management; personal references are sometimes required. Coursework can cover topics in ethical management, career planning, and research methods. Other subjects in a program may include decision-making and leadership, corporate managerial finance, event management, event marketing concepts and analysis, and tourism issues and strategies.

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With an MBA in hospitality management, I can qualify for positions in a variety of businesses. Employers can include hotels, resorts, and casinos. Several possible job titles are included: event producer, meeting and convention director, or director of special events. These jobs will definitely help me in my further life and my bright future.

In this field, a lot of employees get lucrative jobs with handsome salary packages. Average employment growth of 1% is projected for lodging managers over the 2018-2028 period, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The median annual pay for lodging managers in May 2018 was $53,390. The BLS also reported a 7% employment growth projection for meeting, convention, and event planners, which is faster than average.

We know that hospitality management is an important pillar in almost every country’s economy. While some countries are really good at promoting themselves, others need to still do some serious work. Hospitality management is a huge profit-generating industry in any progressive country. Hospitality management is a main source of the economy because people love to travel, for traveling they have to visit hotels to fulfill their needs, they have to spend money on hotels, and they love to enjoy each and every facility of the hotel.

In conclusion, I want to say that having goals in life is very essential because goals help people to live a royal life. No doubt, people have to do a lot of hard work to act their goals, whether it is academic or well-being, but the only thing which matters a lot is happiness after getting the goal. My academic goal of getting an MBA degree is very important to me. It encourages me to do more and more hard work. I will do many required things to fulfill my desire.

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