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It was at school that I first understood an important truth – words matter and quite often they can hurt. This resonated with me because I was a victim that got affected by what others said. You have to be cautious about what you say and think before you speak because what you say could affect someone without you even realizing it. Words can easily slip out of your mouth, especially when you’re angry or sad, but the things you may unconsciously say could be harsh or harmful. I’ve seen people I care about get hurt by words, and many outside examples have proven that what we say really does matter.

A personal example is when my ‘friend’ went behind my back and started talking bad about me. She went to Typhoon Texas with a couple of our friends; however, I wasn’t there. She brought up an argument we had about a year ago and made me look really bad. She would call me bossy, rude, and other cruel words. She would also make it seem as though the argument was entirely my fault and she was innocent, when in reality it was a small argument with no one at fault. When I heard about what she had said about me from one of my close friends, it made me insecure.

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In addition, in the movie ‘Wonder’, Auggie was hurt by what everyone said about him. They would make fun of him because he looked different than others, and they would also betray him. For example, on the day of Halloween, everyone was dressed in their planned costumes, but Auggie came to school wearing a different costume than what he had planned. Not knowing, Jack Will, Auggie’s best friend, and a few other classmates were caught talking behind his back. They would say “He’s so ugly”, or “I’m only friends with him because my parents are making me”. After Auggie heard this, you could clearly see that he was upset; he walked out of the classroom crying.

Lastly, the book ‘Sticks and Stones’ by Abby Cooper shows a strong view of the power of words. This story is about a little girl who has a disease where the negative sayings and names people say about her cause her to have unpleasant itching around her body. Furthermore, later in the story, it tells us that the brutal names she gets called and calls herself start to show on her arm. This symbolizes the negative words and names you say stay with the person and hurt them.

In conclusion, you should keep in mind that the words you say or type online have a lot of power and can really hurt someone. Whether it’s the names you may call people as a joke or the words that slip out, you have to be mindful about what you say because words matter.

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