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Nowadays, we are facing a bad situation because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many reports stated that covid-19 does not have effects during the summer season but it is totally faded out.and it is also makes suffered lots of people by this disease. As a result, winter is also nearing along with the Covid-19 pandemic. Doctors called this a twindemic. However, it is spoiling our life completely, and we could not know what to control and stop spreading this virus. So, many of us have confusion about what does both illnesses do at the same time. Also, ordinary people died alone in the coronavirus. The health care and WHO are struggling with a lot of effort against spreading. of the coronavirus. Now, it is time for us to face challenges as flu and covid-19 are meeting each other during the winter season. Of course, two pandemics are soon meeting each other. But, we could not know what will happen hereafter. So we must take off our self from the flu and the coronavirus.

What are the similar symptoms of both flu and coronavirus?

  • Both the viruses will attack the lungs, causing pneumonia, fluids in the lungs, or respiratory failure.
  • If the person meets both the flu and the coronavirus, it will weaken the body. So, your immunity level goes down and makes you vulnerable to getting a second infection.
  • Both the flu and Covid-19 can cause fever, cough, and shortness of breath, fatigue, and sore throat.
  • Quicker and all the more generally accessible testing is expected to recognize COVID-19 and flu, which have comparative manifestations, at any rate from the start, yet require various medicines.
  • Some may have lesser effects depends on the body condition. In any event, two things are clear:
  • There must be prevention before this situation happen. Two viruses definitely could be more dangerous to the lungs and cause respiratory failure
  • The symptoms are pretty similar, and you must know about the severe cases.

If there is any possible way to diagnose the conditions or not yet?

Perhaps, coughing, sniffles, and hoarseness in fall may trigger the immune system, and we should be strong enough to develop our immune system. This is what it is making difficult to prepare adequate measurement by the government and WHO. The coronavirus and flu lower the immune system, and people face a big issue in this twindemic. Coronavirus and flu are also a regular feature of these seasons. So, we will be careful and do the precaution in this winter season. But, we can vaccinate against the flu virus. Coronavirus is also spreading faster and destroys many people’s life. Of course, vaccination is available for the flu, but we should be in advance to do prevention. So, the condition may worsen.

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If the flu and the coronavirus to make the winter season as double pandemic situation?

A few clues have originated from starter research directed in China, where flu was still broadly flowing. Moreover, it has a blend of both combined with a COVID-19 pandemic that gives no indications of subsiding. Hence, they are not in high risky conditions that affect by the flu. So, they need not vaccinate for the winter season. They could overpower as of now burdened crisis offices and serious consideration units. On the head of that, an extreme flu season, the aftereffect of more harmful strains, low immunization rates. When the primary novel Covid diseases arise, in the southern half of the influenza season, this is mostly because individuals who regularly don’t get influenza immunization.

Which part of the body will affect more due to the flu and coronavirus?

The respiratory system is more affected by these viruses. An ongoing fundamental report found that dexamethasone brought about a lower 28-day death rate among patients hospitalized with COVID-19 who were accepting respiratory help. So, we should be safe and get protection against both viruses. Two meta-examinations of observational investigations proposed that corticosteroid treatment of patients hospitalized with flu was related to expanded mortality. They could be used to treat occasional flu except if clinically showed for different reasons, for example, asthma. Information from randomized controlled preliminaries of corticosteroid treatment of flu isn’t accessible. Nonetheless, in 2019 clinical practice rules, the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) is explicitly prompted to utilize corticosteroids.

What is the disaster risk of the both viruses in the environment?

  • The overall debilitating of the insusceptible framework during flu contamination could expand a patient’s defenselessness to influenza and Coronavirus disease.
  • At that point, it at any rate with some inconvenience, regularly pneumonia, and also trouble well-being administrations.
  • It may wind up seriously sick, all things considered, because they got Covid-19 simultaneously.

Let us hope that both the flu and coronavirus will end as soon.

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