Required Elements:1” margins, Times New Roman 12 point fontEssay titleMinimum of 4 FULL PAGES Works cited
1.What role does the art of storytelling play in Reyna Grande’s novel The Distance Between Us? (This question is vague enough that you have room to move in different directions. Here are some possibilities.)
A) One approach would be to take the position that storytelling acts as a bridge that allows Reyna to connect—with her family, her identity, and her own need to write the memoir.Explore what it means for The Distance Between Us to function as this bridge (as opposed to the metaphor of an umbilical cord).Introduce Grande’s novel as the focus of your essay (the subject is The Distance Between Us as a work that presents a sophisticated theory of storytelling). There are many different forms of stories in the novel that produces varying results. See if you can group them together and find a pattern. Keep in mind that you want to work off concrete examples.The last part of your essay will explore the limitations of the novel’s storytelling.Writing a Reflective Conclusion
The conclusion is generally where you summarize the most important moves or ideas in your argument. For this essay, I would like you to reflect on the topic you examine and synthesize your ideas. This is the place to inject your personal view. You can also relate the ideas in the paper to your own personal experience if you or a member of your family immigrated. 1. What or who stands in the way of their achieving their version of the American dream at home? Does Grande celebrate the impact of the American dream on her family? Or, instead, does she lament it?
2. reflect on the American Dream in your own life. What has been its impact, if any? Do you agree or disagree with Grande’s representation of the American dream?
3. After reading and analyzing Grande’s The Distance Between Us, how does it affect your view of the crackdown on immigrants and the separation of children at the borders?
4. If you write on masculinity in the novel, you could discuss it in the context of the #me too movement.

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