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What makes us human? A question that is difficult to give an unequivocal answer to. Katherine S. Pollard makes an interesting attempt at this in her article of the same title, where she describes the differences and similarities between human and chimpanzee genomes (since chimpanzees are humans’ closest living relatives and share nearly 99 percent of our DNA). These studies have focused on protein-coding genes. The researchers have identified several sequences of genetic code that differ between humans and chimps. These sequences may hold the most promise for determining what creates human-specific traits such as speech. These quickly evolving, unambiguously human sequences do have a purpose to some way forward. The story of what created us humans is perhaps not going to specialize in changes in our protein building blocks, but rather in how evolution assembled these blocks in new ways in which by ever-changing once and wherever within the body totally different genes activate and off. Experimental and process studies currently underneath this method in thousands of labs around the world promise to elucidate what’s happening within the 98.5 % of our genome that doesn’t code for proteins. It’s wanting less and fewer like junk daily. Katherine also talks about dietary adaptation involving a sequence for lactase, an enzyme that enables mammals to digest the carbohydrate lactose, conjointly referred to as milk sugar. In most species, solely nursing infants will use milk sugar. However, around 9,000 years have passed recently, in biological process terms—changes within the human genome created versions of LCT that allowed adults to digest lactose. She also mentioned that efforts to identify those regions of the human genome that have modified the foremost since chimps and humans diverged from a common ancestor have helped pinpoint the DNA sequences that make us human.

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If I were to answer this question, what makes us human is that a human being includes a diversity of behaviors. This means each of us is entitled to run our own life; several things that we need to do to survive describe us being humans. Thinking is one of the most important things humans do to overcome life’s struggles. If we did not have to think before acting, we would not be referred to as humans at all. Another difference between chimps and humans is that we can talk and communicate effectively but they cannot. It is not known the exact time when our distant ancestors learned to talk, but what we know for sure is that humans could speak. Humans have made tremendous strides in learning about our early ancestors, however several questions stay about how and why we are what we are today, and there are many theories. The question of ‘What makes us human’ is a difficult one, with many alternative answers. Human beings evolved into what we are today not only through evolutions in genetics, brain size, and body size but also through our behaviors.

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