Kathleen Forson5/29/19, 5:39 PM NEW“The last step in the research process is dissemination of findings-in other words, telling people what you have learned and allowing your findings to become part of the body of knowledge about a particular topic…and helps to close the gap between research and clinical practice” (Wolf, 2015, para.1). Dissemination of research results is important also as it may provide options for practice improve communication and better patient outcomes.Research on topics of interest can replicate the results of previous studies and add strength to findings or disprove beliefs commonly held. Disseminating the results of your research allows others the opportunity to evaluate your research.Research at my institution is being conducted on autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. Research is ongoing on the musculoskeletal conditions of patients to find ways to improve outcomes. The researcher present posters at the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons, speak at monthly meeting presented by the education department and as requested by staff during in-service.Wolf, L. A. (2015). Getting the Word Out: Dissemination of Research Results. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 41(5), 452-3. doi:10.1016/j..jen.2015.06.001Eli Resendez5/29/19, 1:12 PM NEWIn my opinion, the most important reason to disseminate research, is to create a greater awareness of issues around us. This can then motivate others to act and support in helping make changes to the issues at hand. I once did a research presentation on the importance of oral hygiene on patients, especially those that were very ill and could not take care of themselves. Many researches have shown that oral hygiene is the window to our overall health. I did my presentation on a poster board. This made it easy to present and take it to the different units for presentation. Through this, the outcome was better than expected. Many units began to implement this research by making sure every patient was getting oral hygiene on every shift. Dissemination is important because transfer what has been researched and placed into the real world for practice. “Without scientific journals the knowledge would be limited to a small audience and have a short life as it would not be disseminated, so if the goal of the researcher is the discovery and the search for solutions and benefits for the welfare of humanity he/she need to acquire the dimension of what inner workings and complexity of the flow in the process of publishing a magazine represent” (The Importance of Developing and Disseminating Research Experiences and Practices in Mental Health, 2013).ReferencesThe Importance of Developing and Disseminating Research Experiences and Practices in Mental Health. (2013). SMAD Revista Electronica Salud Mental, Alcohol y Drogas, 9(2), 56–57. Retrieved from http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true…following two responses are in regarding to the topic question. I need to respond to these two responses worth of 175 words. references please along with the response. APA style. due Sunday 12:00 noon. pacific time

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