:  What is a “Blue Ocean” strategy?  One of the dangers in crafting this strategy is that managers end up “stuck in the middle”.  Discuss. 

How can the Five Forces model be effectively used when considering one of the generic models discussed in Question 4?

What are the two (2) generic competitive strategies?  Briefly describe each one and identify the competitive advantage each strategy wants to achieve.  Do not forget to include in your discussions the effect of the “scope of competition” a firm might face.

Discuss Exhibit 5.10, The Why, What, Who, and How of Business Models framework.  Why is this a change in the way to construct business models for firms?

When considering the Balanced Scorecard approach (Exhibit 5.8), how does a firm create value?  You may want to look back at LO 5-3 for assistance in answering this question

 Discuss the measurement and assessment of competitive advantage shown in Exhibit 5.11.  Include in your discussion why both qualitative and quantitative performance dimensions must be considered when judging performance by a firm 

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