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What is an educated person? An attempt to answer this question was made by Alan Simpson in his essay ‘The Marks of an Educated Man’. According to him, there are different marks of an educated man. It varies from person to person and from generation to generation. The term ‘educated’ can have a different meaning depending on the person being asked. Some might define it as someone who is good at speaking, some might think that a person who reads a lot is considered educated, well, all of them are correct. Alan Simpson’s key message is that every person has their own capability and can be considered knowledgeable. Anyone should never be looked down on just because they are not good at something you expect them to be, instead, try to test them with other activities or skills and be surprised that they are experts at something.

One of the ideas of the author is still relevant today and it can help everyone to realize why the curriculum today was built as it is. It is the idea of giving a person every choice of subject to learn and letting them discover what they want and where they are really good at. It is all about learning a little about everything and a lot about something because as a person continues to explore and find out what they want, they will now be motivated to practice and learn more about that specific course. In today’s curriculum, every year level does not just focus on one category, it consists of everything such as language, mathematics, science, history, and even TLE, a skill-based subject. From that process, students learn a little about everything and a lot about something that they want and chose to study more.

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Everyone can agree that every person has different knowledge, skills, and talent, so no one should be considered less than others. Maybe some are just still in the discovering phase and learning phase, while someone is already in the phase of mastering it. In the end, everyone can still end up with their own goals, just at different times only.

‘The Marks of an Educated Man’ also shows how a person is considered educated in different eras. In those days, people were considered educated by their association with school. But now, it is defined as someone who is flexible enough to adapt to different challenges you give him. It is important to remind everyone about this because it helps a person boost their confidence and to believe in themselves that everyone is good at something and no one will ever be nothing as long as a person continues to educate themselves and use it efficiently.

In general, I consider Alan Simpson’s view of what an educated person is quite apt and especially relevant in today’s society.

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