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The training process in a business organization is closely associated with the necessity to create the corresponding atmosphere and adjust the proper HR strategy. Wegmans Company needs to implement the applicable training strategy for it was suitable for the set of ethical values accepted within the company. Considering the fact that some training methods are not suitable for the Company, the task will be resolved from the perspective of the existing managerial practices and approaches associated with training the newly hired personnel.

CEO of the company does not encourage the application of distance education, as well as independent training of the newly accepted team members. Instead, the company is eager to develop collective training methods, such as common lectures, on-job training, team building activities as well as traditional communication with more experienced workers. Hence, the enlisted techniques may be combined in various measures in order to create the necessary effect. Considering the fact that training should be effective and interesting for the newcomers, the best alternative will be team-building practices and on-job-training activity, as these are the most suitable for the energetic nature of teens, as Wegmans operates a youth apprenticeship program.

The success of the training program will depend on the atmosphere created, as the teens need to feel that their efforts are appreciated and the company is really interested in their employment. Hence, the feedback will be maximal. If the main aim of the training is to make them understand the realities of the business, the performance problem will be associated with the necessity to arrange lectures and build them in accordance with information structuring. This will be an inevitable part of training, however, the feedback will be maximized essentially. Additionally, lecturers will have an opportunity to define the learning capability of every employee.

The most interesting and effective for creating the necessary atmosphere will be the team-building process. Considering the importance of creating the necessary atmosphere, it should be emphasized that most employees will not realize the essence of the team building activity, however, if the training process is arranged properly, teens will become a friendly team. However, it is important to pay attention to the integration process, as the newly created team may be regarded as an opposition to the experienced workers. Hence, the elder workers and the newcomers should be an integrated part of the company’s future.

How do Wegmans Measure success?

The key success factor is understanding the motifs that the newcomers have, and making them realize the company’s necessities and requirements. If the teens realize what does a company need, and what do customers require, the training process will be simplified essentially. Moreover, teens will be better motivated to train if they know the required result of this training. Hence, independently of the aims and values of the training, the trainers should help the trainees to create their own system of values. This is explained by the fact that people like creating the aims by themselves instead of accepting the imposed systems of values.

In the light of the fact that the training process, in general, is aimed at creating an effective and responsible team of workers, the business orientation of the training process will be closely linked with the necessity to explain the particularities of business activity as well as teach applicants to work with customers. Hence, the training activity should be focused on defining the curriculum and the required minimum that should be taught.

Whether E-Learning is Appropriate

The training methods and techniques that are available for the contemporary business sphere are generally associated with the application of innovative technologies in the IT, psychology, and sociology spheres. As it is emphasized in the case study, bare e-learning techniques are not suitable for the company, as it contradicts the basic values and principles that are applied in the company. The main aim is to create a friendly atmosphere, where the experienced is shared easily among all the members of the team.

Depending on the specification of the future jobs of thee teens, they may be divided into several groups, each with a particular specification. On the one hand, this will increase the effectiveness of the educational process and save sufficient time, on the other hand, this will help to define the actual skills and capabilities of the applicants. These are the required measures for creating the required business orientation principles, as otherwise, the company will have to arrange additional training activities after the team-building process is finished. (Non, Hollenbeck and Gerhart, 2009)


The relation of the training process with the organizational needs should be performed by arranging the common lectures and defining the personal skills of any attendant. Hence, the newcomers will be divided into several groups, each with a particular specification. Success will be measured by the atmosphere achieved in the newly created teams and their interests in the training process. As for e-learning, these techniques are not suitable, as the company pursues the aims of creating a friendly atmosphere, while e-learning does not provide such an opportunity.


Non, R, Hollenbeck, J, Gerhart, B. (2009). Fundamental of human resource mangement. New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies.

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