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Web presence refers to a group of files related to a subject that involves a starting file referred to as a home page. From a given page, a person can get all material information about the company and its products. Zappos Company is one of the most popular firms dealing with the online shoe business with gold standards for customer service. The web presence has enabled the company to accomplish various activities, including disposing of products and establishing a primary point of contact with the clients through online calls, customer service, and order entry programs.

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The company’s mission statement is to deliver happiness, the company aims to establish a loyal customer base through perfection of customer service. The company uses tools to help customers check products online, make an order, and return the product if it fails to meet their expectations (Harnish & Collins, 2021). The company uses as its logo, with white colors symbolizing transparency, loyalty, and the company’s commitment to customer service.

On the other hand, the black color in the company’s logo represents stability and power, a meaningful and perfect mix that helps attract potential clients. A simple click on the company’s logo allows one to access the services, facilitating its mission of ensuring access to many customers. In addition, the company slogan is “deliver WOW through service”, which aligns with the company’s mission statement as it seeks to ensure proper customer satisfaction through quality product offers (Harnish & Collins, 2021). The slogan also motivates employees always to uphold the need for quality services, attracting guaranteed customer loyalty.

The letterheads from the company are designed with attractive and readable names that help capture potential clients’ attention. Most of the letters are written in bold to ensure quick identification. The style of the letters is also clear and easy to read by all interested members without strain. The coloring of words in all the letterheads is also appropriate and up to the reading standards, making it safe for all as they have no adverse effect on the eyes of the reader.

The product design for the company is also appropriate as most of its products are costumed to meet the client’s needs. Moreover, the company employs the strategy of taking photos of its products and uploading them on its websites to attract the attention of potential clients (Harnish & Collins, 2021). The available pictures on their sites are varied with all types of design products from which customers can choose according to their tastes and preferences. The practice aligns with its mission of ensuring customer satisfaction through quality and diverse product lines.

The company’s promotion strategy is also in line with the organization’s aim of ensuring customers’ loyalty through a diverse promotion mix. The company mainly makes use of online platforms to reach customers across the globe. The use of digital marketing helps in ensuring continued interaction with the clients hence increasing customers’ loyalty. The company also uses direct personal selling to deal with clients within its boundaries, enhancing contact with the clients.


Therefore, it is essential to realize that Zappos significantly uses interactive web page platforms to promote its business. Despite increasing competition from other firms, the company has retained its competitive advantage in the market. Continued use of web presence by the company will help to increase profit margins and market share despite increasing competition.

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Harnish, V., & Collins, J. (2021). The greatest business decisions of all time: How Apple, Ford, IBM, Zappos, and others made radical choices that changed the course of business. Fortune Books.

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