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There are different ways to address poverty and one of them is charity which means simple response to immediate need and specific situations. No one can actually eliminate poverty, but we each can do our part to reduce it around us just by starting in our community, or by starting in a local food bank that provides a necessary service for persons, who for whatever reason cannot afford a meal for themselves and their loved ones. Home for the Homeless were we can provide meals, clothing, laundry service and a resource center all free of charge.

Most important is help them with learning because more than one in ten children living in the increasing world never gets the chance to go to school, in that case what we can do is found scholar ships programs, and also once in school, children need to be guaranteed of a safe environment enable them to understand their potential and why it is import to learn, like classroom construction, growth and supply of equipment because basic education, gives people greater money-making opportunities and empowers them to lead healthier and more useful lives.

The other way to address poverty is social justice which means ensuring those in society that they can fulfill their basic needs. The first thing we can do and a solution for all is to ask the government to lower the taxes. If taxes are lower then there would be more help for the poor because there would be more business and employment opportunities available for them to get a descent paycheck every week to feed, and cloth their family. You might be asking, why do I have to help the poor?

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Well children as they grow up in poverty, it seems more likely to have poor health care later in life when compared to those children who are not poor. When compared to non-poor children, children in poverty are somewhat more likely to have lower income and are a bit more likely to engage in crime. Another reason is because you’re helping them achieve their potential, so that they can contribute to the economy by improving their own situation and also when you help one you help God as well as if one body suffers we all suffer with it.

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