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The criminal justice system is designed to keep the lower socioeconomic classes in their place and this disproportionately targets black and Hispanic people. Americans are still hypnotized by the fictional tv show Law and Order, and a large segment of the population really believes that this is how the system functions, with prosecutors and judges who have a genuine concern for truth and justice.

Most prosecutors primarily care about their conviction rate so they can eventually land a highly-paid job in the private sector or in politics.

The police, prosecutors, and judges all work in tandem to keep the assembly line of convictions efficiently processed, while all the private contractors making millions from their government contracts focus their lobbying efforts on passing more dumb laws with longer sentences.

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The system is morally bankrupt, and when enough Americans can see the system for what it has devolved into – a system where the wealthy can get away with anything while poor people are imprisoned for smoking pot – the system will eventually collapse under its own weight.

The corrupt system of injustice in this country is one more thing that contributed to the election of Donald Trump.

Not that President Trump will do anything to improve the system (quite the opposite) but a vote for Trump was the only way to signal to the Establishment that our institutions have failed the American people. Sad.

Racism in our Justice system IS systemic and REAL and it continues to be the tool that is used to destroy black families in particular. Anecdotal evidence of ‘driving while black’, ‘walking while black’, and police being called on blacks for ‘being in a space while black’ just reinforces the system. The majority of the population presupposes that all blacks, particularly males, are criminals. The language developed by our politicians during the 80s and 90s, ‘Super Predators’ was against young black teens and continues to exist today. Now the same is being done to the LatinX community. Trump has successfully labeled every one of Latin descent of being an illegal immigrant and worse, a member of MS-13. Unfortunately, our Nation seems to need targets, and some segments of the population profit from them. The Prison industrial complex is pervasive and the current prison population, over 2 million, is practically slave labor. There is really no difference between what is happening now over what happened after the civil war. We need to recognize this and resist the scare tactics that our politicians and LE leaders use to criminalize more and more actions under the guise of public safety. Arrests do not equate to increased security!

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