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My decision to pursue Paramedic Science has evolved gradually over time and stems from a thorough interest in caring for others on both a personal and clinical level. My desire to care for others derives from my own experience, as when I was younger I was a primary carer for my terminally ill father. This coupled with being a close witness to my mother’s career as a support worker led me to develop a clear sense of what it means to treat others with dignity, compassion, and respect and how critical this is to a person’s wellbeing.

Throughout my life, I have had various encounters with the Scottish Ambulance Service and the care and treatment they provided for both me and others solidified my intent to become a qualified practitioner. On these occasions, the close contact with paramedics provided me with a clear insight into the front-line work involved in emergencies and the necessity of remaining calm within distressing situations to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.

This led me to take a gap year to actively seek out employment that was able to allow me to attain a more thorough grasp of how to care for others within a professional environment as well as to pursue a qualification in Human Biology. Through the duties that come with my role as a support worker – assisting in movement, administering medication, and comforting those when distressed, I have learned the significance of taking a structured and methodical approach to my work. This includes understanding the responsibility I bear for those I work with being reliant on me to care for them appropriately and how important it is to recognize and uphold that trust through openness and honesty. Within this role, critical thinking has proved essential through working under pressure to solve problems quickly and effectively as I have come across various unpredictable situations.

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My role as an office junior for a medical practice involved working closely with clinical professionals within a healthcare setting and liaising directly with patients enabled me to build on my interpersonal skills and underlined how critical teamwork is in providing the appropriate medical advice and treatment. This role also allowed me to see the variety of roles available within the ambulance service, as on a variety of occasions I worked with specialist paramedics that are vital to the wellbeing of the community.

I thoroughly enjoy working with the community, and the various volunteering roles that I have taken up reflect this. I have volunteered with my school’s Paired Reading project in which I would read with younger students of the school every day to improve their literacy skills. Crucially, this substantially assisted with how I communicate with others as a minority of the students I worked with suffered from varying learning difficulties. Volunteering with a small Beaver Scout group for two years meant that I was able to obtain the Saltire Award for 50 hours. This volunteering opportunity has also demonstrated to me how to effectively work within a team to produce activities for the children to be able to express themselves as well as again developing on my ability to communicate with others. Through upholding a challenging job role, studying, and volunteering, my ability to persist is evident, and in volunteering with younger children and older adults I have developed my interpersonal and leadership skills.

I understand completely the commitment required to study Paramedic Science, and as an able and keen learner, I am wholeheartedly willing to dedicate myself and maintain my high standard of work to study such a fulfilling degree that I am so passionate about.

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