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A humane society comprises a group of people who are considered to have a shared ground by having a common lifestyle and association (“The Humane Society of The United States”). The classification of a humane group is dependent on the purpose of the organization but the main concern is preventing any cruelty to animals.

Funding for humane society comes from donation while the adoption fee is supposed to cater for the expenses that are accrued from the care the animal receives in the shelter. The government in this case does not offer assistance that is required to fund the organization (“The Humane Society of The United States”). The donation is either, annual donations, crowdfunding, or fundraising events. Annual donation is acquired through sending emails which act as reminders where individuals are asked to offer support. Crowdfunding donations are used to help animals that are in critical condition and the information concerning the animal is incorporated into websites. Fundraising events are used to create awareness, acquire new annual donors, and also get funds from those who would otherwise not contribute

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There is no restriction in volunteering for humane society but there is a need to make sure that somebody has a reason for the choice. Before volunteering, a person should consider the main reason for volunteering and the work to do. The purpose of volunteering may be; to gain experience, to use extra time from work, or to engage with animals while the volunteering work could be; the collection of donations, manual work that is intended to directly help the animals, and facilitating paperwork. Depending on the plan and the desirable reach, a humane society can have any reach. This is because it has the basic ground which is the local level but can stretch to a national level (“The Humane Society of The United States”). Volunteering for the humane society is a positive move since it is a gesture of showing concern for animals who need care. I would consider volunteering for a humane society organization and offering help to animals.

Through the information, I have learned that there are organizations that are purely propelled to help animals and that they receive essential funding from donations. Through the interaction with the specific information on humane society organization, I have substantially learned new ways on how to help animals.

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